Carolina native, Scott Edge, takes great pride in announcing that Carolina Landscape Lighting is now offering its full-service landscape lighting designs in Columbia, SC.

Columbia Landscape Lighting

This comprehensive suite of Columbia outdoor lighting and Columbia landscape lighting solutions for homes and local businesses features low-voltage outdoor lighting and landscape lighting design, installation, maintenance services, system upgrades, replacements and anything else that falls within the landscape lighting world as outdoor lighting is their one and only business.

Columbia Landscape Lighting

Scott, and his dedicated team of professional outdoor lighting designers, installers, and service technicians ensure beautification, safety, and security remain their focus as they proudly illuminate Columbia properties automatically each and every evening with their comprehensive suite of landscape lighting services.

We do it by using the finest outdoor light LED fixtures available, designed and installed by our expert Columbia staff of lighting artisans and technicians.

Columbia Turn-Key Outdoor Lighting Provider

When it comes to outstanding turn-key services for outdoor lighting throughout the Carolinas, there is only one name you need to know – Carolina Landscape Lighting.

We are a full-service design and installation outdoor lighting company with a process that is simple: We match your taste with our lighting expertise to create the perfect lighting effect for you.

To ensure that the illumination effects are exactly what you want, we encourage you to preview your custom design with our evening demonstration outside your home before the actual installation – on us!

Columbia SC full-service design and installation outdoor lighting company

This “Seeing Is Believing” illumination preview ensures that the highlights that showcase and protect your home and landscape are exactly what you are looking for to meet your expectations on beautification, safety, security, and increased outdoor living functionality.

Columbia Outdoor Lighting Installer

As the premier outdoor lighting provider throughout Columbia, South Carolina, Carolina Landscape Lighting clients appreciate the fact that their warranties are considered to be the very best in the industry and are in place to protect their landscape lighting systems for as long as you own your home.

Our low-voltage, energy-saving outdoor lighting transformers that power your Columbia outdoor lighting system have a Lifetime Warranty.

Columbia Outdoor Lighting Installer

When it comes to our high-performance outdoor lighting fixtures, depending on the manufacturer, our warranty is either Lifetime or for 10 years.

As for the lamps that cast the luminous glow of lighting consistently each and every evening, our halogen outdoor lighting lamps carry a one-year warranty. Our state-of-the-art LED lamps carry a three to five-year warranty.

Columbia Upscale Outdoor Lighting Designs

Your expert team at Carolina Landscape Lighting has over a decade of lighting experience and over 2,000 clients – and growing.

It is our experience and passion for Columbia landscape lighting that helps us exceed your expectations. This expertise in fixtures, LED lights, installation techniques, and system maintenance gives our customers the absolute highest quality and most stunning lighting systems possible.

Columbia Upscale Outdoor Lighting Designs

Our approach is to be hands-on and maintain one-to-one contact with our residential and commercial clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

Our commitment to these core principles of landscape lighting and client satisfaction also creates our best referral source, which is you, our client.

In Columbia, SC, when you hire Carolina Landscape Lighting you can feel confident that you have selected expertly trained professionals who know what they are doing, are passionate about their work, and sensitive to your budget.

For the front façade of your property, we will be sure to highlight and showcase those architectural elements that will shine with dazzling illumination effects every night as dusk sets in. We will consider your exterior colors, forms and textures, and any architectural highlights that set your home or business apart and that boast that your property is proud to be truly one of a kind.

Columbia LED Outdoor Lighting

But it’s more than just making your exterior surfaces and elements beautiful. It is also about increasing the functionality and usability of your outdoor living spaces for decks, patios, porches, lanais, pool sides, and backyard sporting fun. Our illumination techniques are far superior than any do-it-yourselfer could ever hope for or achieve and that proof is more than evident long into each evening all year long. When it comes to creating the perfect illumination effects for your backyard recreation, leisure, and entertaining spaces, casting the right light – and the right amount of it – is our specialty.

Columbia LED Outdoor Lighting

Using the latest – and greatest landscape lighting technology available –

we highly recommend our LED outdoor lights for any new installation or system upgrade. They are far superior to outdated halogen outdoor lights in many areas.

In addition to emitting far less heat during their operation than halogen outdoor lights, a major benefit of LED outdoor lights is their energy efficiency. They are a durable, long-term solution to your outdoor lighting needs.

Columbia Outdoor Lighting Redesign

Of special interest is that our LED bulbs offer up to 50,000 hours of light which can last for more than 11 years. Also, our LED lighting fixtures and lamps can be used almost anywhere in your outdoor landscape and as they continue to grow in popularity, these illumination products continue to diversify.

Today, you can find almost any wattage, color temperature, or shape you need thanks to the growing interest in the bulbs. LED bulbs are not only easily accessible and long-lasting, but they also cut energy usage by more than 80%, a welcome benefit to homeowners and businesses – especially as we all try to save the environment in any way we can.

In the final analysis, Columbia professional outdoor lighting delivers the biggest bang for your buck in terms of home improvement and beautification projects. It’s the ultimate home improvement investment that will deliver endless evenings of sheer illumination perfection.

Columbia Outdoor Lighting Redesign

For homes and commercial structures that have been illuminated for years with halogen outdoor lights, we can use your existing technology infrastructure and simply upgrade those components that are necessary to bring your system up to where it should be today.

With landscape lighting technology and design innovations, there is a greater and far more diverse variety of outdoor lighting transformers and all that goes with it.

Columbia Outdoor Lighting Redesign

For optimal performance, dependability and performance, we recommend a transformer rated for 25% more of the total wattage of lights we intend to use in your outdoor lighting redesign. At the same time, we avoid using a transformer that’s way too big for your chosen lights – as poorly regulated transformers can damage lighting if you don’t use enough bulbs.

The good news is by having Carolina Landscape Lighting redesign and upgrade your outdoor lighting system, you need not worry about these decisions as we have your best interest at heart and we’ll make sure that the transformer and cable used will be perfectly suited to your needs.

We Look Forward To Hearing From You For All Your Columbia Outdoor Lighting Needs

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