Reducing our carbon footprint is important because it mitigates the effects of climate change, which has a positive cascade effect on public health and plant and animal diversity. In addition, this boosts the global economy and leads to innovative, more environmentally friendly solutions. Hence, welcome to the new standard in outdoor lighting – LED – where efficiency and savings are the name of the game.

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Go Green With LED Outdoor Lighting

LED bulbs from Carolina Landscape Lighting are longer lasting and use less energy than other bulbs, with the average LED bulb lasting approximately 50,000 hours while only consuming 6-8 watts.

Go Green With LED Outdoor Lighting

By switching to LED outdoor light bulbs, fewer light bulbs will end up in the landfill producing less waste. LEDs will also save you money in the long run since you will have to purchase fewer bulbs over time.

Another benefit of LED bulbs is that they emit the least amount of CO2. Incandescent bulbs create 4,500 lbs. of CO2 per year. CFLs create slightly less at 1,051 lbs. of emissions per year. LED bulbs create the least at only 451 lbs. of CO2 per year. In a study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, it was found that by replacing only one light bulb in every house in the U.S. with an LED bulb would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 9 billion pounds. Just something as simple as switching one light bulb can have a huge environmental impact.

Phases Out Of Halogen And Incandescent Light Bulbs In Favor Of LEDs

This past April, the Biden administration adopted two new rules that set stricter energy efficiency standards for light bulbs. Those standards would effectively phase out the sale of most new incandescent bulbs — the pear-shaped orbs with glowing wire centers — in 2023.

In 2023 LED Outdoor Lighting It Will Be The New Standard

Much of the country is already lit by LED lights, which the Department of Energy estimates last as much as 50 times as long as incandescent bulbs and use a fraction of the electricity. That revolutionary shift has already driven down electricity demand in American homes, saving consumers money and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

With our switch to outdoor lighting design plans using LED outdoor lights exclusively, Carolina Landscape Lighting is leading the way for a more sustainable future throughout the Carolinas while illuminating homes, businesses, and commercial venues.

Saving Bills With LED

Once the new rules are in place next August, Americans will collectively save $3 billion a year on their utility bills, at a time when higher energy costs have been squeezing household finances. The stricter standards will also cut emissions of planet-warming carbon dioxide by an estimated 222 million metric tons over the next 30 years, an amount equivalent to the emissions generated by 28 million homes in one year.

A Pioneer In LED Outdoor Lighting

If you were smart enough to invest in a low voltage halogen outdoor lighting system previously, you should now start seriously thinking about the benefits of LED outdoor lighting upgrades before the new law takes effect in 12 months’ time.

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With our LED outdoor lighting retrofits, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits, the most important of which are high efficiency, increased energy conservation, and richer lighting effects.

This LED outdoor lighting installer near you knows that in having us retrofit from halogen to LED, you will use 85% less energy. And especially today, reducing your carbon footprint is a very good and wise thing to do.

If you had halogen outdoor lighting installed earlier, the illumination effects with LED are far superior and have a much longer life for your landscape lighting design plan.

By having Carolina Landscape Lighting install your LED retrofit upgrades, you will have the envious benefit of enjoying much improved light performance along with reduced energy consumption. As for broadcasting stunning effects onto your home’s exterior, architectural elements and landscape, our LEDs now offer multiple values of white light, far surpassing the often yellowish light of halogen outdoor lighting bulbs.

Move Up To LED Outdoor Lighting, And Enjoy More Of A Good Thing

One of the beautiful things about being alive today is having the latest technologies at our fingertips – in virtually every aspect imaginable. Thus, it’s no surprise that our outdoor lighting protocols have evolved for the better.

If your halogen outdoor lights are very old, the entire fixture may have to be replaced. This is because older casements are not efficient for an LED outdoor lighting upgrade. Newer halogen systems are most likely just an upgrade to a new LED light source, keeping your original outdoor lighting fixture intact.

What Kind Of Return On Investment Will My Outdoor Lighting Recoup Should I Ever Sell My Home

Once upgraded, your LED outdoor lighting will further transform your home and property as you enjoy a much longer illumination bulb life. You will benefit from the tremendous jump in longevity and cost savings that LED bulbs provide and wonder how you ever managed without them.

By hiring Carolina Landscape Lighting for your LED upgrade, you can rest assured that you have selected thoroughly trained technical professionals who know what they are doing. We are passionate about our work and mindful of your budget.

Celebrate The New Year To Come With A New Appreciation For Better Outdoor Lighting

Ready to upgrade your halogen outdoor lighting system to up-to-the-moment LED? Call Carolina Landscape Lighting to schedule your complimentary outdoor lighting consultation. Or reach out to us right here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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