Never, Ever Worry About Your Outdoor Lighting Again Thanks To Illumination Insurance From Carolina Landscape Lighting

It is often wise to make sure that the items you most depend on in your Carolina home are protected from faulty behavior. There is insurance protection for virtually everything in your home these days, with the objective of knowing that when you need certain critical devices, they will be in good working order for you.

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Program

Understandably, your outdoor lighting and landscape lighting is no different. Although we design and install landscape lighting systems that stand the test of time, every once in a while there may be a hiccup – usually through no fault of your own.

Carolina Landscape Lighting – We’ll Keep The Lights On For You

Okay, we hear you. You’ve invested in a state-of-the-art outdoor lighting system with landscape lights crafted from the finest materials available. And those outdoor lamps! They’re exquisite with new LED technology. So what could possibly go wrong?


When you least expect it, stuff happens.

Remember the often-used excuse of “My dog ate my homework” as a way to wiggle out of the fact that you forgot to do it – or even worse – that you did not want to do it?

Well, “The doggy did it” rule also applies to your landscape lighting system. While following the scent of neighbor dogs who have visited your yard and scratched the surface of your landscape, the low voltage system wiring that we meticulously installed and buried may become exposed – and that’s bad. It needs to stay safely underground to protect it from foreign exterior influences.

Carolina Landscape Lighting – We’ll Keep The Lights On For You

When There’s A Glitch, We’ll Be There With The Fix

In answer to “What in the world could possibly be wrong with my outdoor lights in my landscape lighting system,” here are just a few potential problems for starters.

1. “Some of my outdoor lights are out.” Unfortunately, as well made as they are with intended long illumination life, eventually, an LED bulb will burn out. When that happens, it’s time to use your Illumination Insurance protection and call us for replacement. It’s that easy.

caroliina landscape lighting maintenance

2.“My landscape lighting system seems to be wonky.” With a recommended annual landscape lighting system checkup, we will verify that your transformer and all technical components are in good working order. If not, we’ll fix them. Right away.

3. “I thought it was a twig, but it turns out that I have an exposed wire in my landscape bed.” Again, regardless of how it happened, should a wire become exposed, do not hesitate to call us. It may be a sign of a potentially bigger problem. Proactivity is the call of the day.

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4. “My lighting effects have lost their vibrancy and punch.” With our annual maintenance protection agreement, we will figure out what the problem is. Oftentimes, here in the Carolinas, where irrigation is frequently used to keep our lawn, landscape and gardens flourishing, the new growth of trees, shrubs, bushes, and plants may be blocking your design lighting effects. No problem. We will carefully and artfully trim that excess growth to keep the integrity of your vegetation design while letting the good light shine through.

Carolina Landscape Lighting Service

5. “My landscape lights seem very dim compared to last season.” If there is not an obstruction or mechanical problem, it may be Mother Nature’s fault. Dirt. Between shifting weather patterns, clouds of pollen, and residue from rainfall debris, your landscape lighting lenses just may need a thorough cleaning – and we are the folks that can make that happen.

carolina landscape lighting maintenance and warranties

6. “The projection of my original illumination plan is off.” In instances like this, it often happens when humans – and pets – violate that sacred landscape lighting footprint. Again unknowingly, lawn mowing personnel and landscapers may inadvertently hit or move an outdoor fixture that needs to be readjusted for illumination perfection. When that happens, we’ll be there and make sure the lights are doing their job – perfectly.

Here Is How To Get Your Landscape Lighting Illumination Insurance Protection Started

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