It is a question that is often asked by potential clients who already have an outdoor lighting system that was installed years ago and may not be performing as well as it did when it was first installed.

The answer – in three words – is “Yes, you betcha.”

Can I Do A Complete Overhaul of My Outdoor Lighting System

Three Key Factors In Overhauling An Outdoor Lighting System

  1. Outdoor Lighting LED Retrofit

As technologies continue to advance, grow, and evolve, this most definitely applies to your outdoor lighting system, especially if you still have early adopter halogen light bulbs.

While it was once an innovation and new hope for the lighting industry, it has since become less common and is on its way to extinction in the world of outdoor lighting.

What is Halogen Lighting? Good question.

A halogen lamp, also known as quartz halogen or tungsten halogen, is a form of incandescent lighting. It uses a filament composed of ductile tungsten, a bulb made of either fused quartz, aluminosilicate, or high-silica glass, and a gas-filled tube. A halogen lamp is different from traditional incandescent in a few ways.

Halogen Outdoor Lighting

Halogen Outdoor Lighting.

For starters, the gas and filament provide a higher lumen output than traditional incandescent lamps while the efficiency is slightly better in terms of wattage. The glass tubing is also a lot thicker and stronger than typical incandescent lamps.

When looking at the fall of halogen lighting, there are two factors that have led to its decline over time. For starters, there are unique disadvantages to halogen lighting. Halogen isn’t all that efficient in terms of lumens produced to wattages consumed. While there are newer models being introduced offering 30 lumens per wattage consumed, they simply do not compete with other options. Another disadvantage of halogen is that they get extremely hot during operation. This is a concern because it adds heat to the space and also the bulbs can be hot to the touch. The high heat can also contribute to the fact that these lamps are more prone to explode. Coupled with the gas and the heat, halogen lamps are pretty combustible.

Another disadvantage of halogen outdoor lights is that they are very sensitive to fingerprints. The oils naturally on the hand are picked up by the glass and create a dirty lamp much easier than other types of glass lamps.

disadvantage of halogen outdoor lights is that they are very sensitive to fingerprints

The second reason for their decline is that new technology in lighting has outplaced it. While the disadvantages of this lamp solution would be enough to contribute to the fall of halogen lighting, the fact that there are better options on the market is of equal importance. If halogen was the only option for lighting, the disadvantages would be overlooked, but with high-pressure sodium, compact fluorescent, and LED leading the way in all the ways halogen fails such as wattages, lumens, life span, and heat loss, it only compounds the shortcomings of halogen lighting.

  1. Outdoor Lighting Upgrade

When it comes to your outdoor lighting system, there are many reasons why our Carolina professionals reach for LED bulbs and fixtures. For one, homeowners and lighting designers agree that the benefits of outdoor LED lighting exceed other forms of lighting by far.

A major benefit of LED outdoor lights is their energy efficiency. They are a durable, long term solution to your outdoor lighting needs.

Key Factors In Overhauling An Outdoor Lighting System

LED bulbs offer up to 50,000 hours of light which can last for more than 11 years. Also, LED lighting can be used almost anywhere in your outdoor landscape and as they continue to grow in popularity, the products continue to diversify.

Today, you can find almost any wattage, color temperature, or shape you need thanks to the growing interest in the bulbs. LED bulbs are not only easily accessible and long-lasting, but they also cut energy usage by more than 80%, a welcome benefit to homeowners and businesses – especially as we all try to save the environment in any way we possibly can.

  1. Outdoor Lighting Redesign

A comprehensive outdoor lighting redesign may be another option for your consideration, especially if you have recently purchased a home with an outdoor lighting system that was installed several years ago.

Outdoor Lighting Redesign

Today, there is a richer and more diverse variety of outdoor lighting transformers and all that goes with it.

You should pick a transformer rated for 25% more of the total wattage of lights you intend to use in your outdoor lighting redesign. At the same time, avoid buying a transformer that’s way too big for your chosen lights – poorly regulated transformers can damage lighting if you don’t use enough bulbs.

professional outdoor lighting design

By having Carolina Landscape Lighting redesign your outdoor lighting system, you need not worry about these decisions as we have your best interest at heart and will make sure that the transformer and cable used will be perfectly suited to your needs.

At the heart of every outdoor lighting, redesign is a new, state-of-the-art low-voltage transformer. It converts your normal 120-volt current to a low voltage current between 12-15 VAC, or Volts Alternating Current.

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√ Outdoor Lighting Redesign: Our highly trained staff knows what best to use to achieve the illumination results you are looking for.

√ LED Retrofits: Out with the old, obsolete bulbs and lamps and in with the very best of new outdoor lighting technology.

√ Outdoor Lighting Upgrades: Our vast collection of exquisite outdoor light fixtures and core installation materials are second to none, ensuring that your system upgrade will be of the highest caliber.


√ Outdoor Lighting Service: Our outdoor lighting service team members are not only well-trained – they have outstanding customer service skills and sensibilities. They believe in treating ourThe Carolinas #1 Source For Everything In Outdoor Lighting System Overhauls clients as they wish to be treated.

√ Outdoor Lighting Installation: After your landscape light system overhaul is complete, you would never know that we were there. We will make sure that your landscape and surrounding areas impacted by your system overhaul are in better condition than when we found it – in every regard.

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