As memorably embedded in our popular culture, this question ranks right up there with the lyric of “a tale as old as time”.

Why Are Some Of My Landscape Lights Not Working

With regularly scheduled landscape lighting system maintenance, your outdoor lighting system should provide you with endless years of safety, security, and beauty to highlight and protect your home.

But should you discover that all of a sudden your landscape lighting system is not working, here are the common problem areas that could cause its operation to cease.

Reason #1: Lack Of Maintenance.

If your landscape lights don’t work, there has to be a good reason. Our light fixtures, LED light bulbs, transformers, and durable, heavy gauge wiring are all manufactured to our exacting standards for the highest dependability and performance. But like a regularly scheduled annual checkup with your primary care physician, annual maintenance will ensure that your low-voltage landscape lighting system will operate like new.

outdoor lighting maintenance is important

If you can’t remember when was the last time you had your outdoor lighting and landscape lighting low voltage system checked for optimum performance with a professional tune-up, chances are that it’s high time to do just that – especially now that sunset is close to 5:00 PM this time of year.

outdoor lightiing for a warm holiday welcome

With guests visiting for the holidays, landscape lighting maintenance is a great way to ensure safety upon entering and exiting your home. Illuminating dark and scary spaces is a great way to ensure everyone will clearly see where they are going.

Reason #2: System Blockages.

Similar in spirit to why your Christmas tree lights won’t work, it may be as simple as there is a burned-out bulb in your system. While this may seem like a simple fix, always start by checking the bulb itself. Remember to turn off any electric current to the system before removing or replacing the bulb, especially when you’re working outdoors.

Incandescent and halogen lights burn out more regularly than LEDs, so consider making the switch to LEDs if you’re looking to cut down on time, money, and energy usage. It’s an affordable and significant home improvement.

Reason #3: Overgrowth Of Organic Matter And Plants.

A common occurrence of why landscape lights are not working the way they should is often because of what grows around them.

Overgrowth Of Organic Matter And Plants

Especially for a home with a regular run irrigation system in the Carolinas, aggressive plant growth may very well be why your lighting effects are diminished or not working at all.

Reason #4: Yard Maintenance Mishaps.

It is easy for you or your landscaper to be distracted when cutting your lawn and edging your landscape beds. When this happens, it is easy for our team to make that diagnosis and remedy the problem quickly.

Reason #5: Roughhousing and Touch Football Games.

Especially at this time of year when many weekends are focused on football, families may be encouraged to take it outside and join in the fun by showcasing their athleticism. So when Uncle Fred trips over the front bushes when going deep to catch his nephew’s pass – well – that could explain it. Call us for the right fix because safety matters.

Roughhousing and Touch Football Games

Reason #6: Your Transformer Isn’t Properly Accommodating The System.

The transformer to your outdoor lighting system has an individual power source and circuit breaker. Make sure the transformer is switched on; and check its individual circuit breaker for a short.

charlotte pathway lighting

Most systems – particularly low-voltage systems – plug into a GFCI outlet, short for a ground fault circuit interrupter. You’ll recognize these outlets as the ones with the two buttons between the plugs. A GFCI outlet cuts power in one-thirtieth of a second if it detects major changes in the current, protecting your system – and yourself – from surges and shocks.

Hit the reset button on your transformer outlet if it’s been tripped. If you find your transformer plugged into a non-GFCI outlet, make the change ASAP or speak with an electrician to install a new outdoor outlet.

Quite possibly if you have been adding landscape lights, your transformer may no longer be sufficient to accommodate the system; and you might need a replacement.

Reason #7: Squirrel And Dog Digs.

If some of your outdoor visitors are burying bones or acorns in your landscaping beds, they may have inadvertently nicked a wire – or totally disconnected it from your system. Here, too, call our team of professionals to get your landscape lights back up and running.

Squirrel And Dog Digs

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