Water. The essence of life itself. And how fortunate we are that we get to enjoy it in so many ways here in Charleston and the Carolinas.

charleston pool lighting

Elegant, relaxing, and fluid, the sound of the water complements the beautiful aesthetics and outdoor experiences we share here. As such, it is our distinct pleasure to bring these pool and water features to dazzling life as the day melts into dusk for the evening, with pool and water feature lighting!

Charleston Pool Surround Lighting

Surrounding your pool with energy-efficient beams of soft lighting are a win/win for you and your poolside guests.

Charleston Vacation Rental Poolside Lighting

Our full-service outdoor lighting and landscape lighting company uses true artistry to illuminate and highlight your pool surround, surrounding landscape, pool structure, and pool house to beautify them with the right light – and to ensure safety while outdoors enjoying them.

Pool And Water Feature Lighting – The Best Way To Illuminate Your Pool For Enjoyment 

When it comes to swimming in your own backyard, right after fun comes safety as job #1.

charleston mount pleasant landscape lighting

To ensure excellent visibility in your pool and adjacent areas at nighttime, trust Carolina Landscape Lighting to spread washes of Earth-friendly lighting everywhere it’s needed while hosting backyard parties.

It is also imperative to illuminate pathways leading to and from your poolside and pool surroundings, as well as your outdoor shower and changing areas.

Charleston style outdoor lighting

With the right light leading the way, the chances of an unpleasant trip or fall decrease exponentially.

Charleston Water Feature Outdoor Lighting

Lighting cascading water features and fountains from the ground up to make nights in your outdoor oasis sheer magic. Our light is captured and reflected in the fluid ripples of falling and swirling waters.

Charleston patio and deck lighting

Our professional outdoor lighting and landscape lighting experts also design and install illumination for all kinds of waterfalls, fountains, koi ponds, and even hot tub areas that may be a part of your deck or patio.

Outdoor Lighting For Poolside Pleasure

Having difficulty trying to enjoy the latest bestseller at poolside while supervising your family for their nighttime swim?

Outdoor Lighting For Poolside Pleasure

Forget about teeny book lights that need power sources not available outside in your backyard. Instead, have us install our functional outdoor lighting to cast the perfect glow for easier reading and legibility under the stars.

Summer Fun Never Has To End Come Nighttime With The Right Lighting

Discover how we can enhance your outdoor living play and leisure time with our exquisite poolside outdoor lighting fixtures and LED bulbs.

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