The addition or revamp of outdoor lighting is one of the most budget-friendly ways to drastically change the curb appeal, functionality, and aesthetics of your home.

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Not only will you likely recoup the money you put into your lighting design, but you are most likely to make a profit by adding more resale value to your home – and in today’s booming real estate market, that’s money, folks. Cash money.

Is Outdoor Lighting A Good Investment?

Yes, without question, outdoor lighting is a good investment. In fact, it’s an excellent one.

Is Outdoor Lighting A Good Investment
Throughout the Carolinas, professionally designed, installed, and maintained landscape lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason.

Outdoor landscape lighting can give your home that “WOW!” factor that homeowners cherish. Professionally installed outdoor lighting gives your home a well-cared-for aura and makes your home’s exterior feel warm and inviting – in addition to making it more safe, secure, and functional.

The Top 4 Reasons Carolina Landscape Lighting Will Make A Worthwhile Investment To Your HomeCarolina Landscape

1. Lighting Creates Beautiful Curb Appeal: Professionally done, our landscape lighting will last as long as you live in the home. When you’re ready to move on, professional landscape lighting can add value to your house and create a warm, inviting environment that can make it more appealing to buyers.

About Carolina Landscape Lighting

2. Carolina Landscape Lighting Outdoor Lighting Enhances Safety:

Safety is an important issue at home, and landscape lighting for security is becoming more popular and can add an invaluable amount of peace of mind. In addition to deterring trespassers and theft events, Illuminating walkways and entrances can ensure safe navigation for you and your guests, to prevent injuries from tripping and falling.

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3. For Superior Results, Depend On Our Professional Design Expertise:

Planning landscape lighting is not something to take lightly. For the best results, it takes time, planning and an understanding of how lighting can enhance your home and its features, such as the landscaping. Our seasoned professional team at Carolina Landscape Lighting carefully considers the placement of lights in correlation with your landscaping and your home. You want the lighting to shine on your sidewalks, house, and landscaping, but you don’t want it to shine in your windows and become a disruption inside your house. We also make sure your lighting complements your garden, trees, and plants. Further explained, it’s really not about the light fixtures – it’s about the effects they cast upon your home.

Which Outdoor Lighting Company Works Best With Landscape Architects

4. Save Your Time And Invest Wisely In Your Home: Should you possibly be considering setting up outdoor landscape lighting yourself, do yourself a huge favor and leave it to the pros at Carolina Landscape Lighting.

We can install the finest landscape lighting money can buy in a matter of hours, saving you time and hassle. When we’re done, you’ll have a beautiful, functional, and fashionable outdoor lighting system that will serve you for many years to come.

What Kind Of ROI Will My Outdoor Lighting Recoup Should I Ever Decide To Sell My Home?

A number of studies have shown that most home and property owners today prefer a home with a well-designed, custom-built landscape lighting system.

Return on investment data has earmarked that landscape lighting can make a home 30% more valuable, an ROI so high that it’s an excellent idea to invest in low voltage LED outdoor lighting as soon as possible.

Our LED landscape lighting systems have many other benefits that include excellent light output, great color rendition, and the lack of any harmful or toxic chemicals.

Which Areas Are Best To Light At My Property?

  1. Pathway Lighting: Lighting your landscaped walkways, pathways and entryways not only adds beautiful drama in the evening, but it’s safer for your guests and your family, especially if you have steps and uneven areas in your walkways. If you want more light, we suggest our taller path lights. Lower light fixtures are usually designed to blend into your landscapes and provide less light but add a lovely effect.

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2. Up Lighting Or Down Lighting: Both techniques are popular illumination effects to highlight your house, trees, shrubs, and architectural elements. Don’t forget to have us add accent lighting to your water features such as ponds and bubbling fountains.

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We’ll make sure you get the right beam angle for your sculpture and other ornamental highlights.

3. Lighting For Outdoor Living Areas such As Outdoor Kitchens, Deck Lighting, Patio Lighting, And Pool Lighting: Using our professional company to install landscape lighting can give you an entirely new appreciation for the way you can live, work, and play outdoors.

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Having sufficient illumination after the sun sets will help you clearly see what you’ve been missing all these years, finally adding value to those after-hour evenings in the fresh air.

Where Can I Find A Landscape Lighting Designer Near Me?

We’re glad you asked. We have North Carolina and South Carolina well covered, and would be honored to illuminate, beautify, and protect your home, landscape, gardens, and pool areas.

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And our services go well beyond your initial design and installation. Even with an expertly installed landscape lighting system, it is important to maintain your system so that it continues to look as good as it did the day it was installed. As such, we offer a spectrum of service options to suit your needs:

  • Quarterly Tune-Up Program
  • Annual Inspection
  • Service on Demand

You can easily connect with us right here, or we invite you to call us at your convenience.

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