Does your Charleston or Mount Pleasant home have nighttime curb appeal, and does it seem to say, Southern hospitality is spoken here? If not, professionally designed Charleston outdoor lighting may be the element you need!

Your home’s exterior may exhibit a welcoming charm that puts guests at ease, but can they see that at night? Your front porch may greet visitors with comfortable outdoor seating, encouraging them to “sit a spell” in the daytime, but what greets them after dark? Carolina Landscape Lighting is your doorway to Lowcountry nighttime curb appeal. We have been illuminating Charleston-area homes for more than a decade, and we would love to put our expertise to work at your home. Our professional lighting designers are experts at creating the outdoor lighting Charleston SC homeowners use to extend a warm welcome after sunset.

professionally designed Charleston outdoor lighting

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What defines Charleston style outdoor lighting?

When you think of Charleston style outdoor lighting, the first image that comes to mind may be a beautifully illuminated palm tree. That symbol of Charleston’s grace and style appears in front yards in every neighborhood throughout the city and beyond. As your residential outdoor lighting designer, Carolina Landscape Lighting will feature your majestic palms in your home’s lighting plan.

Charleston style outdoor lighting

Curb appeal, Charleston style, begins at the start of your driveway in the daytime, and it should begin there at night as well. When we create a lighting design for your property, we pay careful attention to landscaping where your driveway meets the street. Have you framed your driveway with a cluster of azaleas, a pair of signature palms, or a walled or gated entrance? We can illuminate your driveway entrance with subtle landscape lighting to beckon your guests.

How does Charleston LED landscape lighting enhance curb appeal?

While previously considered an interloper, LED outdoor lighting is now a welcome feature in elegant Charleston landscape lighting. Originally, LED lighting had a harsh, bluish tint that was not at all welcoming. But with advances in LED technology, that has changed. Today’s LED lighting is warmer, and we can control the amount of light your LED fixtures emit. Your Carolina Landscape Lighting will never be garish or blinding. We enhance your home’s curb appeal with a variety of outdoor lighting techniques from your driveway to your home’s façade.

professional lighting designer

Your professional lighting designer with Carolina Landscape Lighting will meet with you at your home to discuss which elements of your landscape to feature. We select lighting fixtures that will make the most of your landscaping to create the curb appeal you desire. Path lighting along your driveway, uplighting for focus trees and spotlights on statuary combine to bring a stunning effect forward. We are certain once you see how these components work together for a cohesive result, you will warm up to LED outdoor lighting, Charleston SC style.

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How can homeowners “go green” with Charleston outdoor lights?

Let Carolina Landscape Lighting help your home go green at night! Does your Lowcountry home feature the lush greenery of heirloom azaleas and camellias? Do your prized hydrangeas share garden space with gardenias and climbing roses? From crepe myrtles and stately palms in the yard to container gardens on the porch, greenery is a big part of Charleston-style curb appeal. Professionally designed outdoor lighting brings that greenery to life at night while adding depth you don’t see in the daytime.

Charleston LED landscape lighting

A bonus of today’s LED landscape lighting is its eco-friendly technology! When we illuminate your yard and your home’s facade with LED outdoor lighting. You also don’t need to worry about the impact on your carbon footprint. Not only is low-voltage LED technology kind to the environment, but it’s also kind to your wallet. LED lighting using less electricity than previous outdoor lighting formats. All the more reason to let Carolina Landscape Lighting help you feel good about going green with Charleston outdoor lighting.

If you’d like to learn more about Charleston and Mount Pleasant outdoor lighting, call Carolina Landscape Lighting today at 843-817-9797 or email We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make your outdoor lighting vision a reality!