It’s mid-January, and the beauty and splendor of the holiday season have passed.  Now that the outdoor decorations and holiday lights have been taken down, your surroundings look a little stark at night. As soon as the 5 o’clock hour hits, your home and landscape are covered in a blanket of darkness.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! 

With designer outdoor lighting in Charleston, you can carry the beauty of your home and landscape into the evening hours. Just as the light starts to go, a soft glow sets over your property, creating a custom curb appeal and welcoming ambiance into the evening hours.

Carolina Landscape Lighting: Your Charleston Outdoor Lighting Experts

Your Charleston home and landscape are exquisite, and you want your outdoor lighting to follow suit.  To ensure that your outdoor lighting meets your expectations, it’s critical to work with a reputable Charleston outdoor lighting company with the experience and expertise to achieve your goals.

At Carolina Landscape Lighting, we’ve been designing and installing high-quality outdoor lighting systems for Charleston homes and businesses for more than a decade.  As your local outdoor lighting experts, we have a proven track record for superior outdoor lighting installations, with each job designed to the clients’ style preferences and specifications.

When it comes to Charleston outdoor lighting, we want you to be an integral part of the process, from concept to design to installation. Our outdoor lighting professionals will work closely with you to achieve your desired outdoor lighting effect and reflect your sophisticated sense of style. Upon completion, you won’t believe your eyes!

Using professional outdoor lighting strategies, such as uplighting to illuminate your majestic trees, we can bring your landscape to life at night. Imagine a gentle wash of light illuminating your home’s façade, bringing out its beautiful textures and colors. A narrow beam of light may highlight your roofline, accentuating your unique architecture. Gently illuminated flowers and shrubs can take on a new nighttime persona. It’s a delightful nighttime vista for everyone to enjoy!

If you’re ready to install Charleston outdoor lighting this winter, call Carolina Landscape Lighting at 843-817-9797 to schedule your complimentary outdoor lighting consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and making your outdoor lighting vision a reality!