Friends are great things to have. And in the building and construction business, craftspeople who become trusted friends to be there when you need them is everything.

Outdoor Lighting Design, Service, And Ongoing Maintenance

Such is the case with our team of outdoor lighting experts at Carolina Landscape Lighting.

Which Outdoor Lighting Company Works Best With Home Builders?

Carolina Landscape Lighting is the best choice for comprehensive outdoor lighting company design, installation, and continued service for architects. Why? Because like the finest architects in both residential and commercial platforms, we sweat the small details like no one else.

The Best Friend To Building Tradespeople Looking For The Ultimate In Outdoor Lighting Design

Perfectionism is our credo – in very capacity – from site design of our exquisite outdoor lighting fixtures to the actual installations where our dazzling effects come to life.

Which Outdoor Lighting Company Works Best With Home Builders

Which Outdoor Lighting Company Works Best With Designers?

Interior designers, who truly care about their clients, avail themselves to assist their clients with virtually every new home and remodeling home decision.

Which Outdoor Lighting Company Works Best With Designers

That’s why they depend on Scott Edge of Carolina Landscape Lighting and his 15 years of unparalleled experience. Exterior curb appeal light design is more than spreading light onto a façade or landscape to illuminate. It’s all about adding intrinsic beauty and added functionality to the spaces outdoors that surround and complement designers’ goals of unique and welcoming experiences.

Which Outdoor Lighting Company Works Best With HOA Homeowner Associations?

Asking for HOA approval for exterior modifications to your home can be like the proverbial pulling of teeth – without a sedative. It is often quite a stressful experience to deal with, jumping through hoops and filling out architectural modification request forms that lead to subsequent questions, and then more questions.

Which Outdoor Lighting Company Works Best With HOA Homeowner Associations

That’s why homeowner associations love working with Carolina Landscape Lighting. Our detailed and well-thought-out illumination design plans and the required high-quality fixtures are intelligently and thoroughly outlined in our outdoor plans, schematics, and proposals which make HOA approval as easy as it can possibly be.

Which Outdoor Lighting Company Works Best With Landscape Architects?

The smart money is on Carolina Landscape Lighting as the best possible partnership choice for landscape architects. It’s when the sun melts into the sky for the day that their intricate landscape designs of form, function, texture, color, and whimsy truly shine – with the right light.

Which Outdoor Lighting Company Works Best With Landscape Architects

It’s all about choosing the best low-voltage landscape lighting fixtures to achieve the illumination effects and patterns that best complement the harmonious blend of trees, shrubs, perennials, outdoor sculpture, and water features.

Landscape architects depend on and trust Carolina Landscape Lighting to showcase their brilliant design work to foster new client referrals at every opportunity.

Which Outdoor Lighting Company Works Best With Pool Contractors?

Swimming after dusk and warm weather temperatures make the evenings more enjoyable and tolerable.  They’re made safer and more secure – and a lot more fun – when your pool guests can easily see what they’re doing and each other.

Which Outdoor Lighting Company Works Best With Pool Contractors

Our outdoor pool lighting designers will use their magic of lighting fixtures and techniques to create a backyard oasis that extends far beyond your pool. Lighting in and around your pool adds beauty, drama, and joy to your pool environment.

Enjoy all the options in our pool lighting, from warm LED white lights to amazing automated and timed color effects. Lift the mood with bright light and playful color effects designed to suit any occasion or event.

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