It’s an honor to be one of the world’s most admired and frequented vacation spots.

Charleston Commercial Outdoor Lighting

In 2018, the Charleston area welcomed an estimated 7.3 million visitors. These visitors generated an estimated $2.8 billion in labor earnings. And get this – they spent an average of $228 per visitor per day and generated $949.8 million in lodging sales. The bottom line? Charleston tourism is huge, and your Charleston business deserves to be seen, in the best light possible – literally and figuratively.

With 24% of Charleston County sales attributed to tourism, it’s no wonder it was voted the #1 tourist city in America, by readers of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.

Charleston Commercial Outdoor Lighting And Outdoor Lighting For Businesses

We are so very proud to be a part of the successes that Charleston businesses realize each and every night.

Charleston Commercial Outdoor Lighting

With our stunning, energy-efficient low voltage commercial landscape lighting, visitors and guests are assured a safe arrival as they step toward the front doors and alfresco dining patios of our renowned Charleston tourist destinations.

Carolina Landscape Lighting – Our Name Says It All

From commercial building commons areas, walkways, fountains, and building facades … to municipal buildings, restaurants, shops, and everything in between … Carolina Landscape Lighting does it all.

Commercial And Business Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Simply put, we are the finest full-service design, installation, and maintenance service outdoor landscape lighting company.

Outdoor Lighting For Business Venues

And, our process is simple, too. Our landscape lighting design experts match your business’s taste and your brand essence with our lighting expertise to create the perfect lighting effects for you.

Seeing is believing as you drive through the Charleston commercial and business areas, of which we have plenty.

Commercial lighting for business venues

With the stunning nighttime glow of warm illumination as you stroll down King Street, visit The Market area, and sections of Broad Street, East Bay Street, and Meeting Street, you can tell the designs that are ours.

If you’re looking to heighten awareness of your business location – and add functional safety to the mix – we have your back.

Charleston Commercial And Business Outdoor Landscape Lighting Is Just The Beginning

Some of the most beautiful homes here – often occupied by our business and commercial clients – are graced with our landscape lighting effects.

For example, several Hollywood celebrities and some sports stars have second homes here in Charleston on Sullivan’s Island. The luxury homes there boast dazzling effects of our Earth-friendly landscape lighting system designs.

Big Business Bets On Carolina Landscape Lighting

Several of the top companies supporting Charleston’s thriving economy include aerospace, energy, automotive, life sciences, IT, and defense.

And to help them all be clearly identified after sunset, many rely on the expertise of Carolina Landscape Lighting.

Drayton Hall - Charleston SC - charleston outdoor lighting

A great example is our illumination of Drayton Hall in Charleston, the historic landmark home that welcomes visitors throughout the day and on special evenings. Imagine venturing there to explore rare 18th Century objects being welcomed by the luminescent glow and textures of landscape lighting leading the way.

Drayton Hall’s preservation philosophy was groundbreaking for its time and is unique among historic sites today. In order to preserve the seven generations of history within its walls, a radical decision was made to stabilize the house rather than restore it to a particular period, and to preserve it as it was acquired from the family in the 1970s.

Historic preservation is a broad discipline, but at its heart is the idea that old buildings enrich our lives and deserve our good stewardship—all the more reason to celebrate it with stunning landscape lighting.

Commercial And Business Landscape Outdoor Lighting For Any Reason – And Any Season

Special events and holidays are often made more spectacular when the lighting fits the occasion. And our tenure proves that Carolina Landscape Lighting is the commercial outdoor Christmas lighting installer Charleston businesses can trust.

charleston commercial holiday storefront lighting

Searching for a “commercial holiday lighting installer near me” or “commercial Christmas lighting designer near me”? Carolina Landscape Lighting is the premier professional outdoor lighting firm serving Charleston businesses.

We have been illuminating businesses, as well as homes in the Carolinas, for more than 10 years. Our other locations in the Carolinas include Charlotte, Greenville, Columbia, and Asheville.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting And Outdoor Lighting For Businesses Is A Mouse Click Away

Let’s chat about how we can make your place of business a true standout, each and every night. Click here and let’s start that conversation.

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