Whether your Charleston business is a retail store or an entire shopping mall, your customers are counting on you to help them celebrate the holiday season. The same is true for any customer-facing business during the holidays. From bars and restaurants to coffee shops, ice cream shops, hotels, and entertainment venues make the holidays your time to shine. Let Carolina Landscape Lighting help you make the most of this key seasonal business opportunity. Your customers love it when you decorate in the spirit of the Christmas season with festive holiday outdoor lighting.

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Municipalities, homeowners’ associations, apartment complexes, and condominiums don’t need to be left in semi-darkness during the holiday season. If your Charleston Christmas outdoor lighting display is not effective, your lighting was probably not designed properly. Let Carolina Landscape Lighting’s professional outdoor lighting designers design and install a tasteful holiday lighting display to get your business noticed. Strings of light along your building’s roofline, lights around your magnificent palm trees, light-filled wreaths, and garlands – let us know the lighting style you’re looking for. From subtle, elegant, and understated to jolly and over the top, our range includes the widest variety of styles.

With amazing outdoor holiday lights, your business will play a role in creating the magic of the season for your customers. Whether your lighting style is nostalgic, elegant or whimsical, you can heighten your customers’ enjoyment of their shopping and dining experience this holiday season. Use holiday lighting to bring them joy and create a little magic. Don’t let your competitors take the spotlight!

Charleston holiday C9 rooftop lighting at Lexus of Charleston by Carolina Landscape Lighting

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Top 4 Benefits of Professional Holiday Outdoor Lighting Installation for Your Business

Wondering why you should hire professionals to take care of your commercial Christmas outdoor lighting installation? Let’s look at the most significant benefits:

  1. Having a beautiful, professionally-designed holiday outdoor lighting installation attracts new customers and delights those already loyal to your business. Some customers shop locally and dine out more during the holiday season than any other time of year. Show them you want their business, and then show them you’re glad to have their business. Generate warm and fuzzy feelings before your customers even step inside.


  1. You can turn all of the work over to us! Carolina Landscape Lighting handles the entire holiday outdoor lighting project from start to finish. Without that responsibility, you can concentrate on running your business as the hectic holiday season gets underway. We start by finding out what kind of lighting design you want, then we source the lights and any equipment needed for the job. Once we complete the installation, we’ll test the display and determine if any adjustments are needed. We provide superior service at all times. After the holidays, we will return to take the lights down, and we will store them for you until next year. We free up storage space you may have used for holiday lights in the past.


  1. This is your opportunity to refresh your company’s holiday lighting display. Do you have a large outdoor Christmas tree to decorate? Have you been using the same outdoor Christmas lights year after year? We can save you the trouble of looking for new ones because we have access to the latest lighting styles and techniques. We use high-quality LED lights for reliable performance. Want to take your holiday lights to the next level? We can do that! Do you prefer traditional lighting designs with red bows and white lights in wreaths and garlands? We can do that, too. We welcome your input in the lighting design process, because the better we know your preferences, the better we can project the image you want from your holiday lighting. Our goal is to impress you and your customers.


  1. Hiring professionals is the best way to keep your employees safe – or yourself if you have installed your commercial outdoor lighting in the past. Outdoor lighting installation can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have specialized training or equipment. The installation technicians with Carolina Landscape Lighting do this kind of work every day, not just once a year. We can perform the tasks more efficiently and more safely than you and your staff can. If you are wondering, how do I install holiday lights at my business, our answer is, you don’t! You won’t regret letting us handle this annual chore for you.

Charleston commercial outdoor holiday tree lighting

Your Best Source for Commercial Christmas Outdoor Lighting is Carolina Landscape Lighting

Searching for a “commercial holiday lighting installer near me” or “commercial Christmas lighting designer near me”? Carolina Landscape Lighting is a professional outdoor lighting firm serving Charleston, SC. We have been illuminating businesses and homes in the Carolinas for more than 10 years. In and around Charleston, commercial Christmas outdoor lighting is extremely competitive – and it seems to become more competitive each year. Your competitors want to outshine you. With Carolina Landscape Lighting at your disposal, your holiday spirit will be on display.

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Charlestonians love the elegance of tastefully designed outdoor holiday lighting! Our city’s residents decorate their homes with care and are drawn to stores, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses that invest in effective, professional lighting design. It is the professional touch that makes a difference! Unless you are a professional lighting designer with specialized training, you will not be able to achieve the professional results we accomplish every day.

Carolina Landscape Lighting Is the Commercial Outdoor Christmas Lighting Installer Charleston Businesses Can Trust

Who installs commercial Christmas outdoor lighting? We do! The specialists you are searching for are the lighting designers and installers with Carolina Landscape Lighting. Whether your business is hospitality, retail, or business-to-business, festive holiday lighting is important to your bottom line. From elegantly subtle to extra fun and festive, we partner with your business to create a holiday lighting display that expresses the joy of the season.

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If you’d like to learn more about commercial holiday outdoor lighting in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, call Carolina Landscape Lighting today at 843-817-9797 or email charleston@carolina-light.com. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make your outdoor lighting vision a reality!