Nothing says summer in Charleston more than relaxing by the pool.  Whether you’re enjoying your own personal escape poolside with a cold drink and your favorite book, watching the kids swim, or entertaining friends, there’s no place you’d rather be.

You’ve invested a lot in your pool area, and it shows. The patio is beautiful, and your landscaping is gorgeous, with beautiful plantings and a majestic tree line.  The upscale aesthetic makes your pool more than a nice place to swim – it’s a place where people come to gather and socialize while relishing in the beauty of your glorious backyard.

But have you ever had to cut your time around the pool short because the sun went down?  Just as you settle into some serious relaxation or the kids are immersed in pool-time fun, everything comes to a screeching halt in the darkness.  After all, it’s not safe to hang around the pool in the dark. To enjoy your pool at night, you need to invest in Charleston outdoor lighting.

Elegantly illuminate your Charleston poolside space for safety and ambiance with upscale outdoor lighting.

With Charleston outdoor lighting, spending evenings by the pool can be relaxing and even magical. With the right pool lighting, you can create a warm and elegant ambiance for everyone to enjoy.  Nothing gets shut down when darkness falls, and everyone can linger as late as they like!

At Carolina Landscape Lighting, we’ve been illuminating poolside spaces in Charleston for more than a decade. We realize your pool area is unique, and you want your outdoor lighting to follow suit. During the outdoor lighting process, our lighting professionals will work closely with you from concept to design to installation. By strategically installing high-quality fixtures around your pool and landscape, we’ll increase safety while creating a nighttime aesthetic and ambiance that reflects your sophisticated sense of style.

If you’d like to learn more about Charleston outdoor lighting for your poolside space, call Carolina Landscape Lighting today at 843-817-9797 to schedule your complimentary outdoor lighting consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you elegantly illuminate your poolside space!