Carolina Landscape Lighting is truly a beautiful thing – in so many ways.

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Yes, our professionalism, punctuality, quality, and responsiveness has made us the #1 outdoor landscape lighting and outdoor security lighting choice for Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Charlotte.

And yes, our thousands of stunningly beautiful outdoor lighting installations have been written about by our clients and admirers throughout the South.

But we think that the greatest validation we can receive is from the neighborhood greenskeepers and project managers that count on us for Homeowners Association nighttime illuminations for safety, security, and common area beautification and functionality.

Charleston HOA Outdoor Lighting Services

At Carolina Landscape Lighting, we focus on design and the use of quality lighting materials, making your Charleston home or property more beautiful, safe, and functional than you ever thought possible.

We carefully and meticulously design, install and maintain systems for both residential and commercial lighting clients. No matter how large or small the project, Carolina Landscape Lighting is committed to providing our Charleston residential and HOA customers with clear, bright, innovative, affordable outdoor lighting solutions that exceed your expectations.

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It is our experience and passion for lighting and our expertise in fixtures, LED lights, installation techniques, and system maintenance that gives our customers the absolute highest quality and most stunning lighting systems possible.

Our approach is to be hands-on and maintain one-to-one contact with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

Our commitment to these core principles of landscape lighting and client satisfaction also creates our best referral source, which are the homeowners and HOA management teams we serve.

Custom HOA Outdoor Lighting

HOA’s need a full-service design and installation outdoor lighting and security lighting company they can ALWAYS count on. And that is our strong suit at Carolina Landscape Lighting throughout Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Charlotte.

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Our process is simple and precise: We deliberately match the taste and sensibilities of your neighborhood with our lighting expertise to create the perfect lighting effects for your community – from neighborhood streets, signage, pathways, parks, common areas, tennis courts, pickleball courts, play areas, to community clubhouses. We light it all.

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And with the HOA responsible for approving an expertly installed landscape lighting system, it is important to maintain that system so it continues to look as good as it did the day it was installed.

To help HOA teams to achieve that, we offer a spectrum of service options to suit virtually every safety illumination need:

  1. Quarterly Tune-Up Program
  2. Annual Inspection
  3. Service On-Demand

And just as significant for HOA boards when recommending us for neighborhood outdoor lighting, our warranty is considered the best in the industry and is designed to protect your landscape security lighting systems for dependability and peace of mind.

  1. Outdoor Lighting Transformer Warranty: Lifetime
  2. Outdoor Lighting Fixture Warranty: Lifetime or 10 years depending on the manufacturer
  3. Outdoor Lighting Lamps Warranty: LED lamps carry a 3-5 year warranty. Halogen lamps carry a 1 year warranty.

Mount Pleasant HOA Outdoor Lighting

Especially pertinent to older, most established HOA communities in Mount Pleasant, we are often called upon to contemporize outdoor lighting systems for a beautification redesign, an extension, or a retrofit upgrade from halogen to LED.

This Mount Pleasant LED outdoor lighting installer knows that in having us retrofit from halogen to LED, you will use 85% less energy. And especially today, reducing your carbon footprint is a very good and wise thing to do.

And as for the reason your HOA had halogen outdoor lighting installed earlier, the illumination effects with LED are far superior and have a much longer life for your landscape lighting design plan.

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By having Carolina Landscape Lighting install your HOA LED retrofit upgrades, you will have the envious benefit of enjoying much improved light performance, along with reduced energy consumption. As for broadcasting stunning effects onto your home exterior, architectural elements and landscape, our LEDs now offer multiple values of white light, far surpassing the often yellowish light of halogen outdoor lighting bulbs.

If your community halogen outdoor lights are very old, the entire fixture may have to be replaced. This is because older casements are not efficient for the upgrade. Newer halogen systems are most likely just an upgrade to a new LED light source, keeping your original outdoor lighting fixture intact.

charleston hoa lighting for neighborhood common areas and pathways

Once upgraded, your LED outdoor lighting will further transform your community and the neighborhoods within it with an illumination bulb life of up to 50,000 hours. Just compare that to your original halogen outdoor lighting that boasted a bulb life between 2,000 to 3,000 hours. As you can see, LED bulbs offer a tremendous jump in longevity and cost savings.

Depend On The Outdoor Lighting Company HOA Management Teams Trust

As outdoor lighting for safety and security is of paramount importance, we can be ready to meet with your association at their convenience.

They can connect with us online, right here. For HOAs in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, call 843-817-9797. In the Charlotte area, dial 704-877-6911.

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