Perhaps the most overlooked component of outdoor lighting is the Design. I often times here clients say “You’re the expert, tell us what you think?”. I am always happy to offer my opinion and tell a client, “This is what I would do if it were my project?”. However, it’s really not my project. My participation is just a vessel to get the client to a lasting lighting effect that they will enjoy for a long time to come.

So, I always begin a new meeting by asking, “What is it that prompted you to call me or what elements and ideas are most important to you?”. Invariably, my end goal is to have the client talking a lot more than me so I can understand exactly what they would like to achieve. Often times I hear the below:

  • Functional Outdoor Lighting
  • Aesthetically beautiful Landscape Lighting
  • Task Lighting for a grill area
  • Security Lighting for safety
  • Step Lighting
  • Garden Lighting
  • Tree Uplighting
  • Wall Wash Lighting
  • Path Lighting

The answer is frequently a combination of a few of the above. It is then that I can begin to explain what design (type of fixture and placement) that will best accomplish that goal. From that point on it’s a back and forth with the client to incorporate the most important elements in their Landscape Lighting Design. We often give a client a few different options so they can even phase in a plan over time if that’s what they prefer.

In certain instances we like to complete a night time lighting design demonstration to help clients better see what the actual effect of the lighting will be before we begin the installation. Outdoor Lighting is such a visual effect it is often times best to see it in action as opposed to just discussed conceptual ideas.

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