You’ve waited long enough. Spring fever is just about here. And your mind is feverishly racing about improving your great outdoors.

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Your plan to add to your curb appeal landscape with new trees and shrubs is just about set. Likewise, your outdoor living space additions and expanded spaces are just about ready to go into construction.

If you are like thousands of Carolinians who are about to start home improvements at their residence, we’d like to illuminate you by shedding some light on the subject.

Complete The Expansion Of Your Outdoor Footprint By Adding New Landscape Lighting, Or Improve And Expand What You Already Have

Installing an inground pool? Don’t forget about adding outdoor lighting for those late night swims.

Outdoor Lighting For Poolside Pleasure

Enhancing your exterior landscape and surroundings with new trees, fence line hedges, gardens, flower beds, fountains, waterfalls, and fire features? Be sure they can be seen for all their worth after the sun sets with exquisite outdoor lighting.

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Remodeling your home by expanding your property footprint with new dimensions, angles, and curves? Remember to install outdoor lighting for added functionality, safety, and curb appeal.

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Adding an open porch, screened porch, hardscape patio, pergola, deck or that long-anticipated outdoor living area? Maximize its beauty and potential with a custom-designed low-voltage outdoor lighting system.

Looking to recapture some romantic ambiance in your life after dinner when you finally have put the kids to bed? Our low-voltage festive outdoor bistro lighting is just the ticket you’ve been looking for.

Custom landscape lighting

If you love the glow, warmth, and crackling sizzle of an outdoor fire after dark, add to the beauty of the moment with fire feature accent lighting.

Partners In Outdoor Perfection: Your Landscaper Or Contractor And Our Superb Lighting Design Crew

Should you be thinking about making major improvements to your outdoors this year, don’t forget the outdoor lighting. There is no need to wait until the projects are done. Plan well for your future by aligning your outdoor living vendors with the professionals at Carolina Landscape Lighting.

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Working in tandem with one another is the best way to ensure that your low voltage lighting design plan is in sync with your exterior upgrades. By doing this early in the process, there will be no missed opportunities for functional perfection.

For example, that new outdoor kitchen you’ve been planning for months now needs the right kind of outdoor lighting so the chef – and your guests – can clearly see what’s cooking.  It’s a great way to add to the ambient fun of outdoor grilling, barbecues, and cocktail parties on your deck or patio.

Highlighting Your Enhanced Landscape And Exterior Façade At The Same Time Is Where The Smart Money Is

An illumination plan well thought through will ensure that there won’t be any decision regrets when the job is done.

Which Outdoor Lighting Company Works Best With Pool Contractors

The best way to avoid the second-guessing agony of Should Haves, Would Haves, and Could Haves, is by assembling your team for a creative strategy huddle right from the beginning onsite at your home.

Through an open exchange and collaboration of ideas, your home improvement team will give you the best of all possible worlds so you’ll have no regrets.

This is especially true if adding or expanding a deck, patio, or pool. Before construction begins, Carolina Landscape Lighting can strategically plot where the best locations are to illuminate your new spaces as the sun sets.

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It’s all about avoiding missed opportunities to ensure perfection when the outdoor renovation is complete. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Or more aptly put in contemporary terms by Gloria Steinem, “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”

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Sometimes we forget that a well thought through plan is a living document that puts structure around an idea. But without that vision to set your outdoor renovation plan in motion, you may regret it when all is said and done.

Now That You Know That Now Is The Best Time To Plan, Let’s Get Cracking

We welcome the opportunity to get your renovation and expansion off on the right foot. Please accept our invitation for a complimentary design consultation as a prelude to meeting with your other contractors. A shared vision, well discussed and thought through, is the best path for success.

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