Remember when you were a kid and you pleaded to stay awake longer than your standard bedtime? You wanted to take in as many breaths of that fresh outdoor air as you possibly could, it was just so wonderful here in Charleston.

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Well, now that you’re all grown up, your time has come. Linger, converse, read, and enjoy the good outdoor living life as long as you wish. Just make sure you have the right light – the right outdoor light – to enjoy your surroundings, and your leisure moments, and to stay safe and secure while you’re out there.

Charleston Deck Lighting

Whether you have a pressure-treated wood deck in your backyard or a newer, more popular, low-maintenance composite deck, we can envelop it in safe, efficient, and glorious low voltage outdoor lighting each and every night. The benefits are almost too many to count.

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In addition to showcasing the beauty of your outdoor living space structure, our outdoor lighting gives you the ability to enjoy and use all parts of the deck, by eliminating dark and scary spaces.

Dining outdoors and enjoying a beverage with guests is much more enjoyable with soft illumination, as you can all truly see the fun and function of the evening.

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Mishaps and missteps are more likely to vanish with deck lighting as opposed to struggling to navigate within a dark outdoor living space.

Charleston Patio Lighting

Very soon, one of the hottest times of the year in Charleston will be upon us. While you love spending time outdoors, you prefer to avoid the heat of the day during the hot summer months. With Charleston outdoor lighting, you can have the best of both worlds by enjoying your outdoor living spaces when it’s a little cooler after the sun goes down.

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Illuminated patios give you the ability to linger longer outdoors well into the evening. Guests will be encouraged to stay longer and visit with you as the atmosphere is beautifully perfect. And with Charleston patio lighting from Carolina Landscape Lighting, you’ll ensure that there will be illuminated surfaces on which to walk, step, dance, and enjoy.

Charleston Backyard Lighting

When thinking about adding outdoor lighting to your Charleston backyard, consider the many benefits.

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You, as the homeowner, will most notably appreciate the sheer pleasure of returning to your beautiful backyard after a day of work to relax and chill out.

You’ll benefit in other ways, too. For example, your entire family – and your guests — will benefit from increased safety around your outdoor living spaces throughout your backyard after dark.

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And your neighbors will love you for setting the bar a little higher when it comes to your neighborhood’s beautification and enhanced security at night. With each home that is illuminated by Carolina Landscape Lighting in Charleston, the entire neighborhood looks more impressive.

Charleston Pool Lighting

Just because the sun is setting doesn’t mean that pool time is over. Family fun at night is just plain better with outdoor lighting.

 Charleston Pool Lighting

With Charleston pool and poolside cabana lighting, you can extend your time enjoying your pool well into the evening. Especially when summer days are hot and humid, evening swims can become the saving grace of the season.

And with an even showcase of energy-efficient nighttime light, swim free and clear knowing that you have full view of the pool and your surroundings.

Charleston Bistro Lighting

Bistro lighting is geared to set a festive mood as champagne is to set up the perfect celebratory toast. Cheers!

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In a word, it’s joyous – fun – fresh – fanciful – dazzling – and downright jubilant. And yes, the same bistro lighting you see around town over outdoor cafes and alfresco dining areas is the same Charleston bistro lighting for your backyard – or wherever you wish to have it installed.

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Why Is Carolina Landscape Lighting The Best Outdoor Lighting Installer And Service Provider?

Simply put, Charleston outdoor lighting is all we do. We design your system placement and plan. We meticulously install it. And we service it whenever needed to ensure it continues to operate in peak condition for as long as you own your home.

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