The benefits of Charleston outdoor lighting include a more beautiful Lowcountry home, increased safety and neighbors who appreciate your results.

If you are thinking about hiring professionals to add outdoor lighting to your Charleston property, consider the many benefits. You, as the homeowner, will benefit from the sheer pleasure of returning to a beautifully illuminated home after an evening out. You’ll benefit in other ways, too. For example, your entire family – and your guests — will benefit from increased safety around your outdoor living spaces after dark. And your neighbors will love you for setting the bar a little higher when it comes to your home’s curb appeal at night. With each home that is professionally illuminated, the entire neighborhood looks more impressive.

Charleston outdoor lighting

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Does your family enjoy outdoor games, an evening swim or dining on the deck or patio? Another benefit of adding Charleston or Mount Pleasant outdoor lighting to your property is the ability to continue these activities after sunset. Just let your Carolina Landscape Lighting design professional know this is one of your goals for outdoor lighting at your home. Outdoor lighting enhances your options for enjoying time outdoors after dark instead of letting darkness drive you indoors.

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What are the benefits of professionally designed and installed Charleston outdoor lighting?

There are significant benefits to hiring professionals to design and install your residential outdoor lighting instead of doing it yourself. You may think you’ll save money by taking the DIY path, but you’re likely to gain more value and better results when you hire professionals. When you work with Carolina Landscape Lighting, you benefit from our experience, our design skills, and our technical abilities.

charleston outdoor lighting

Another benefit of hiring professionals is that you will eliminate the frustrating and time-wasting experience of doing the work yourself. Working with professionals eliminates all of the guesswork, both design-related and technical. Unless you are a talented lighting designer and a licensed electrician, you cannot expect to achieve the stunning results we get for our customers every day.

Who designs Charleston outdoor lighting?

Our company, Carolina Landscape Lighting, designs professional outdoor lighting you will be proud to show off at your Charleston or Mount Pleasant home. “Design” can be a tricky concept. Many homeowners who attempt DIY outdoor lighting achieve lackluster results. They usually don’t know why their efforts fail to meet their own expectations. Their problem is frequently related to the lack of an overall cohesive design for their home’s outdoor lighting. Our professional lighting designers have a natural aptitude for good design coupled with training to enhance their knowledge of effective design principles. Most homeowners have neither the knack nor the training to create an effective outdoor lighting design.

We have observed similar, less than effective results when clients allow landscapers to handle their Charleston-area residential outdoor lighting. Landscapers are experts when it comes to planning and implementing a landscape design. They don’t work with lights, they work with living plants. They know which plants do well in specific locations and how to combine plants for the most effective groupings. Planning an outdoor lighting design is completely different from landscaping. Outdoor lighting designers, not landscapers, must be your go-to source for Charleston outdoor lighting design. The professionals here at Carolina Landscape Lighting are lighting designers, not landscapers. We have a passion for outdoor lighting design, and it shows in the work we do.

Who installs Charleston outdoor lighting?

The technicians who install Carolina Landscape Lighting designs are the best! You may find that a variety of companies will offer to install your outdoor lighting in Charleston or Mount Pleasant, SC. We caution you to be careful about the company you select for the job. As a business, we have more than a decade of outdoor lighting experience, and our technicians are exceptional. Each of our installers has chosen this work because they enjoy it, and they take pride in doing it well. The proof is in our results.

charleston outdoor lighting

Our installers’ knowledge of the differences in various outdoor lighting fixtures and installation techniques means your Charleston outdoor lighting installation will be stunning. Effective lighting design and well-executed installation go together, and you need both to achieve the results we get. When you trust your outdoor lighting design and installation to Carolina Landscape Lighting, we will exceed your expectations.

How can I improve my Charleston outdoor lighting?

The easiest, quickest way to improve your Charleston outdoor lighting is to call on the professionals at Carolina Landscape Lighting. Perhaps you have tried to design and install your own outdoor lighting, or maybe you trusted your outdoor lighting to a less-qualified provider. If you don’t have several years of experience designing residential outdoor lighting displays, you cannot expect to be very good at it. So don’t feel bad if you tried to do it yourself – with less-than-stellar results. There is a very good reason why homeowners hire specialized professionals for this task: experience and expertise make a noticeable difference.

charleston outdoor lighting

We know how important outdoor lighting is for curb appeal and for your own satisfaction with your Lowcountry home. You’ve put a great deal of time, energy and expense into creating a beautiful home. Let us help you show it off tastefully. When you work with Carolina Landscape Lighting, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of Charleston outdoor lighting.

If you’d like to learn more about Charleston and Mount Pleasant outdoor lighting, call Carolina Landscape Lighting today at 843-817-9797 or email We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make your outdoor lighting vision a reality!