Eastover Outdoor Lighting Shines Each Evening Thanks To Our Custom Design And Installation Effects

Eastover is one of the crowning jewels in Charlotte, North Carolina, thanks to the fascinating blend of outdoor lifestyles for the fortunate residents who dwell there. As rich and vibrant as it is during the day, twilight and nighttime brings a special glow and richness to the homes and attractions throughout Eastover.

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It is located southeast of Uptown Charlotte bordered by Providence Road, Briar Creek and Randolph Road. The Charlotte Convention Center, Spectrum Center and NASCAR Hall of Fame are nearby as well as the Mint Museum Randolph, a pinnacle of the arts scene in Charlotte.

Thirty acre Eastover Park is part of this beautiful neighborhood with many homes dating from the late 1800s to early 1900s. Notably, this neighborhood was the first suburb of Charlotte to build houses with driveways to accommodate the newly invented automobile.

Eastover Outdoor Lighting For Upscale Residential Neighborhoods And Outdoor Attractions

As the sun sets each evening, the luminescent beauty of architectural forms and textures blesses this storybook Charlotte area known as Eastover.

A perfect example is Queens Road West, a romantically splendid treelined venue that is a beautiful street for walking and biking. At night, both residents and visitors marvel at the stunning low voltage outdoor lighting effects our installations bring to area homes, landscapes and gardens in the most intricately interesting ways. It’s fitting that these wonderfully historic homes passed down through generations share the spotlight with their exquisite gardens and lovely landscaping highlighted for their intricate textures and colors by Carolina Landscape Lighting – the preferred outdoor lighting and landscape lighting expert in Eastover.

Illuminated Walks To Eastover Cultural Events Generate The Excitement Of What’s To Come Once Inside

It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful scenario than strolling through the illuminated neighborhoods adjacent to the Mint Museum on Randolph as twilight melts into evening thanks to Eastover landscape lighting. Accented by our custom outdoor lighting designs, distinctive facades and colorful landscapes take on a whole new dimension to welcome and add vibrancy to both nearby residents and visitors alike.

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Thanks to our unsurpassed experience and knowledge in bringing outdoor lighting to Eastover, our clients appreciate the value Carolina Landscape Lighting brings.

Eastover Residential Outdoor Lighting Showcases Artistic Lighting Effects That Solidify Our Stellar Reputation

When it comes to memorable exterior lighting effects, nothing can compare to the warmth and eye appeal our strategically balanced lighting brings thanks to our Eastover outdoor lighting installers. Perfect examples are our moonlighting downward illumination effects where our world-class outdoor lighting fixtures create a sense of dreamlike wonder throughout gardens and landscapes with the gentle glow of light.

The Design, Installation And Servicing Of Outdoor Lighting System Is All We Do

More pronounced by design, our security lighting intentionally surrounds exteriors here to eliminate dark and cloistered areas with well-balanced no-glare outdoor lighting fixtures and landscape lighting fixtures in the most stunning ways imaginable.

Discover The Beauty And Customized Diversity Of Our Landscape Lighting Effects Throughout These Eastover Homes

When it comes to historic charm and modern elegance, enjoy the best of both worlds in these beautifully showcased home exteriors throughout this classic area of Charlotte:

Cherokee Road: A picturesque tree-lined street with historic homes, many of which showcase classic Southern architecture. It’s a popular route for walking, jogging, or biking.

Eastover Road: This Eastover neighborhood and is known for its beautiful homes and landscaped properties, many unique in form and architectural structure.

Colville Road: Yet another street in the area with attractive homes and a well-maintained streetscape.

Bromley Road: This residential street is close to Freedom Park and features a mix of architectural styles, including traditional and colonial homes.

Briarcliff Place: A charming street with a mix of architectural styles, Briarcliff Place is known for its well-manicured lawns and historic character.

Fenton Place: Situated in the Eastover neighborhood, Fenton Place is a quiet residential street with a mix of traditional and more modern homes that cater to a rich diversity of ages.

Eastover Backyard Outdoor Lighting Extends The Joys Of Outdoor Living Spaces Well Into The Evening

With our favorable climate and pleasant outdoor weather virtually year round, Carolina Landscape Lighting beautifully extends and enhances your quality time with those near and dear to you.

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Be sure to ask about how we can give your deck and patio a second vibrant life after dark with innovative outdoor fixtures for added safety and functionality, especially for backyard pathways and stairs leading to your outdoor living spaces.

Uncover The Evening Beauty Your Exterior Surfaces And Landscapes Have Been Missing

Eastover commercial outdoor lighting by Carolina Landscape Lighting also focuses on imaginative custom lighting design and the use of quality lighting materials, making your business property more beautiful, safe and functional than you ever thought possible.

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We design, install, service, maintain and overhaul both residential and commercial lighting clients. No matter how large or small the project, Carolina Landscape Lighting is committed to providing our customers with clear, bright, innovative and affordable outdoor lighting solutions that exceed your expectations.

We invite you to connect with us for a complimentary design consultation by clicking here or calling our Charlotte headquarters at 704-877-6911.

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