Low country charm is alive and well throughout Charleston and Mount Pleasant. To ensure that you can see it all and drink in every moment after sunset, that’s our main reason for existence as your outdoor lighting experts.

charleston landscape lighting

Journey With Us As We Explore The Beauty, Textures And Architectural Wonders That Are Charleston’s Alone

As we approach sunset this evening, join us as we tour Charleston and Mount Pleasant guided by the outdoor lighting that helps to define features of the city and the great number of charming historic homes.

Lining this marshy coastal area, the community has a scenic location, character and winding streets which seem even more romantic and beautiful at night. It’s the way that southern coastal foliage makes for glorious gardens offset by moss-draped live oak trees. Its beauty sometimes defies description.

charleston landscape lighting

Charleston Landscape Lighting Makes It All Come Alive At Night

How fortunate we are that we live here. We enjoy the daily sensory luxuries that tourists come to enjoy in such great numbers each and every year.

No doubt it is in great part to the live majestic oaks, native plants, salt air breezes and relaxed low country living in one of the most glorious locations in the nation that sets Charleston apart and makes it the place to see and to be seen in.

charleston landscape lighting

When it comes to innovative and memorable curb appeal, our custom landscape lighting takes pleasure in highlighting both residential gardens and trees for those who choose to curate their lot and reflect their personal style.

To ensure safe footing on our journey, we can thank our welcoming path and sidewalk lighting with the gentle glow of light that is easy on the eyes and doesn’t detract from the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Charleston Low Country Living Is All This And More

The stuff that dreams are made of, low country charm embodies a relaxed, welcoming, and unhurried atmosphere, reflecting the laid-back lifestyle of the region. As homeowners here know, it is characterized by a sense of Southern hospitality, where residents and visitors are greeted with warmth and friendliness. The charm can be observed in the architecture, cuisine, local customs, and overall way of life in the low country.

charleston landscape lighting

In terms of beauty, the low country is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and natural surroundings. It features expansive marshlands, rivers, and estuaries, which contribute to a unique and visually striking environment. The Charleston region is also known for its stately oak trees adorned with Spanish moss, vibrant flora and fauna, and scenic coastal views. The combination of these elements creates a sense of tranquility and visual appeal that is often associated with the low country.

It all adds up to low country charm and beauty capturing the essence of the region’s distinctive culture, hospitality, natural surroundings, and aesthetics, evoking a sense of Southern grace and allure.

Charleston Architectural Highlights Embody Beauty Best At Night

World famous for its unique and well-preserved architectural styles, including Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, and Italianate, among others, Charleston has it all. Our walk through the city’s historic district feels like a journey back in time, with its cobblestone streets, historic homes, and beautiful gardens. The colorful pastel houses along Rainbow Row are iconic and often featured in travel photos of the city. How lucky we are to have it here with the ability to clearly enjoy it at night with energy-efficient illuminations.

Charleston Highlights Not To Be Missed As We Traverse The Town

Charleston is surrounded by various rich layers of natural beauty, from its stunning coastline with beautiful beaches like Folly Beach and Isle of Palms to the beautiful plantations and gardens, such as Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Drayton Hall and Boone Hall Plantation.

Drayton Hall - Charleston SC - charleston outdoor lighting

Of note, the Spoleto Festival USA, one of America’s major performing arts festivals is at home here in Charleston each and every year for us to enjoy.

A unique and lesser-known attraction that you might find interesting is Angel Oak Tree, a Southern live oak located on Johns Island near Charleston and is estimated to be 400 to 500 years old. The tree stands 66.5 feet tall, measures 28 feet in circumference, and produces natural shade that covers 17,200 square feet. It’s a sight well worth enjoying as just one element of Charleston’s natural beautiful bounty.

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