If you are asking about who is the trusted source for landscape lighting in Charleston, SC, we have the answer for you. Likewise, if you’re wondering who provides the most custom landscape lighting designs in Charleston, we have that answer, too.

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Drumroll…the answer to these queries is Carolina Landscape Lighting – or Carolina-Light.com as we are more commonly known in the Internet space.

What Types Of Lighting Do You Specialize In For Charleston Homeowners?

When it comes to perfecting Charlestown outdoor lighting, we humbly and gratefully claim that title. Our landscape lighting illumination designs have become the stuff that legends are made of.

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Outdoor lighting in Charleston SC is synonymous with us – and has been precisely that since our founding. So if you find yourself online searching for a landscape lighting installer near me in Charleston SC, relax – you have just found it.

Our exquisite low-voltage lighting solutions will help you enjoy your home exterior areas year-round – front landscape, perennial gardens, palm trees, fountains, architectural features and more.

Thousands of your neighbors have entrusted their exterior illumination to our seasoned lumination team due to their prompt responsiveness, punctuality, and quality of work.

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Expert landscape lighting attributes aside, the keywords here are “prompt responsiveness” and “punctuality”.

We say this because of late, many companies who provide home improvement and exterior enhancement services to Charleston homeowners may be tardy in returning calls from potential customers, and that’s a shame.

Who Is My Best Choice For A Charleston Landscape Lighting Installer?

The easiest way to assess the success of Charleston Outdoor Lighting is to ask the homeowners in their Charleston SC neighborhood who have exceptional and memorable landscape lighting who installed their system. Chances are they are sure to respond, “Contact Scott Edge at Carolina Landscape Lighting.”

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At Carolina Landscape Lighting, Scott and his team focus on exceptional custom landscape illumination design to transform your home landscape after sunset with the use of quality lighting materials making your home or property more beautiful, safe, and functional than you ever thought possible.

Why Scott Edge? Scott has become synonymous with Landscape Lighting Charleston SC for over a decade now. Scott and his team design, install, and maintain both residential and commercial lighting clients.

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No matter how large or small the project, Carolina Landscape Lighting is committed to providing our customers with clear, bright, innovative, and affordable outdoor lighting solutions that exceed your expectations.

It is our experience and passion for brilliantly conceived and executed landscape lighting design that helps us do this.

This expertise in high-performance outdoor light fixtures, LED lights, installation techniques, and system maintenance gives our customers the absolute highest quality and most stunning lighting systems possible.

Landscape Lighting Charleston Is Precisely What We Are All About

We are a full-service design and installation outdoor lighting company. Our design process focuses on matching your personal taste with our lighting expertise to create a lifetime of perfect lighting effects for your landscape and home exterior areas.

To ensure that we are capturing your desired lighting effect, you can preview your custom design and see the benefits you will enjoy with our complimentary after-dusk demonstration before the installation. See it to believe it before you commit to buy!

Carolina Landscape Lighting Service

If you are thinking about hiring professionals to add outdoor lighting to your Charleston property, consider the many benefits. You, as the homeowner, will benefit from the sheer pleasure of returning to a beautifully illuminated home after an evening out.

You’ll benefit in other ways, too. For example, your entire family – and your guests — will benefit from increased safety around your outdoor living spaces after dark. And your neighbors will love you for setting the bar a little higher when it comes to your home’s curb appeal at night. With each home that is professionally illuminated, the entire neighborhood looks more impressive.

Outdoor Lighting Charleston SC Answers The Question, “Who Provides The Most Customized Landscape Lighting Designs In Charleston?

In this time of our collective lives where DIY and do-it-yourself have become commonplace in our lexicon, there is no place for that when it comes to the finest outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, and garden lighting illuminations here in the Low Country.

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While taking on outdoor lighting yourself is a significantly less expensive route, lighting fixtures from Big Box stores are typically mass-produced and damage easily. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of cheap and inferior lighting fixtures needing a repair or a replacement after being run into or bumped by a lawnmower. These types of repairs can be frustrating, to say the least.

If you’re designing and installing an outdoor lighting system yourself, you need to focus on the overall lighting effect more than the fixtures themselves. Unless you have an artistic eye and understand outdoor lighting techniques, your project could become a challenge.  It’s also important to consider glare and overall ambiance.  Outdoor lighting from Big Box stores can provide a harsher light, which may not be the aesthetic you desire.

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Having a good knowledge of electrical wiring is also critical when it comes to outdoor lighting. Not only do you need to think about the size and quality of the wire and the quality of the wire connections, but you also need to place the fixtures in strategic locations to create your desired lighting effect.  With all of the components involved in the project, it’s essential to have a realistic budget. Taking in all the costs and labor involved, it may not be worth it to pursue the job on your own.

With Our Charleston Outdoor Lighting Professional Team, You Truly Get What You Pay For

When you choose Carolina Landscape Lighting to design and install your Charleston outdoor lighting, you can feel confident that we’ll achieve your nighttime vision to your high expectations. Our outdoor lighting professionals work closely with you through the process to ensure that we understand your goals and complete them to your exact specifications.

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Our outdoor lighting is soft, subtle, and sophisticated, never overpowering.  We realize that you’ve invested a lot in your home and landscape, and your outdoor lighting will match that same high-quality standard. By strategically and methodically placing our proprietary high-quality fixtures throughout your property, we will achieve the effect you desire while reflecting your unique sense of style.

If you’d like to learn more about what professional Charleston outdoor lighting can do for your home and landscape, call Carolina Landscape Lighting today at 843-817-9797 to schedule your complimentary outdoor lighting consultation. Even easier, you can click right here to schedule it.