Now that many folks who are enjoying retirement have claimed the Asheville area as their own, so too are those trendy, sophisticated and thoughtful millennials. Both groups are investing in their forever home to continually enjoy the beauty, wonder and magic that is Western North Carolina alone.

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Regardless of age or economic status, Asheville, North Carolina, is now a true haven for the romantic nature lover’s soul. It is a region that effortlessly captures the heart with its breathtaking landscapes, lush forests, and charming upscale neighborhoods.

As The Sun Sets For The Day, Biltmore Forest Shines With Beams Of Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting

Biltmore Forest has become a place of exquisite elegance nestled amidst a verdant tapestry of Western North Carolina’s natural wonders. As one strolls through its streets, the air is filled with a sense of refined tranquility among walkways, pathways, landscapes, gardens, trees and outdoor living spaces. Majestic oak trees line the roads, their sprawling branches reaching out to create an ethereal canopy above. The homes here stand as architectural masterpieces, blending harmoniously with the surrounding beauty. Each dwelling is embraced by meticulously landscaped gardens, where vibrant flowers bloom in a symphony of colors, mirroring the passion that resides in the hearts of those who call this place home.

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But as splendid as it all is during daylight when the Asheville NC sun melts into the evening sky announcing yet another evening of aromatic beauty, it’s Carolina Landscape Lighting you can thank for making it all that much more memorable and magical with the finest quality outdoor lighting fixtures and LED lamps to illuminate it all.

Storybook Evenings Come To Life Each Night In Montford Thanks To Carolina Landscape Lighting

Montford, a neighborhood steeped in history, emanates a timeless charm that captivates the romantic nature lover’s imagination. Strolling through its tree-lined avenues feels like stepping into a storybook.

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Magnificent Victorian homes, adorned with intricate details and adorned porches, exude an enchanting allure here in Western North Carolina. As one walks casually, the aroma of blooming roses and honeysuckle fills the air, mingling with the gentle melodies of birds singing in the distance. Montford is a place where the past intertwines effortlessly with the present, creating an idyllic setting for love to flourish. To enjoy it to its fullest, smart homeowners entrust Carolina Landscape Lighting to illuminate and shed the perfect amount of energy efficient light onto the Asheville neighborhood scene, sights and textures that make Montford an enviable place to reside.

Oak Forest, A Hidden Gem, You Can Easily Find After Sunset Thanks To Carolina Landscape Lighting

Tucked away amidst the embrace of ancient oaks and mighty pines, true nature lovers find solace and rich beauty outdoors throughout Oak Forest in its embrace of untouched wilderness.

The rustling of leaves underfoot is a gentle reminder of the serenity that permeates this neighborhood. Quaint cottages dot the landscape, their rustic charm mirroring the beauty of the surrounding woodlands.

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Streams meander throughout the area, their crystal-clear waters offering a soothing melody as they cascade over moss-covered rocks. In Oak Forest, one can truly escape the world and immerse oneself in the intimate embrace of nature’s love.

To enjoy it to its fullest between those bewitching evening hours after 9 AM, is the reason why Carolina Landscape Lighting is in business – to illuminate to perfection, using a combination of artistic lighting designs to highlight, enrich, and beautify everything visible outdoors each evening.

Keeping Up With The Joneses In Kenilworth Is Easier With The Right Light

Kenilworth is a highly desirable neighborhood that effortlessly combines the allure of nature with the comforts of upscale living. As one ventures onto its streets, a sense of harmony permeates the air.

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Especially after sunset, residents and guests enjoy an abundance of immaculately appointed gardens adorned with vibrant azaleas and dogwoods that greet the eye at every turn, a testament to the residents’ appreciation for the beauty of nature.

Bathed in our perfect LED outdoor lighting, their hues of deep pink, lavender, and orange envy artistic masterworks found in our nation’s most revered art galleries.

Homes here stand as symbols of refined taste, their architecture blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Kenilworth is a place where nature and luxury coexist, creating an atmosphere of romance that beckons lovers to explore and discover the beauty that lies within its embrace. Best of all, our custom outdoor lighting makes it visually accessible long into the night – each and every night – automatically.

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