It’s a gift to recognize the obvious at times. For example, when you do just one thing in life, you better make sure that you’re good at it. Scratch that. You better make sure that you are the very best – without question.

Luckily for us in the Carolinas, that is the case with outdoor lighting expert, Scott Edge and his team, now illuminating home facades, walkways, pathways, landscapes, gardens, trees and outdoor living spaces with exquisite LED outdoor lighting illumination designs.

Why You Should Choose Carolina Landscape Lighting For Your Lighting Needs

All we do is outdoor lighting – period.

Because Second Best Is Never – And Will Never Be – Good Enough

In the event you may eventually need serious medical attention, you want the best treatment from the best person specializing in that area. In life there are no second chances for a do-over.

Simply put, would you go to a dentist to have your gall bladder removed, or would you go to an ophthalmologist to have a broken leg cast? We think not.

The point is, even though a company may have a little knowledge of the human anatomy as a whole, you care enough to choose a specialist who has vast knowledge and experience of your particular situation.  That being said, why should you trust your lawn guy or landscaper to do your lighting?

We Don’t Mow The Lawn, Kill Weeds, Or Plant Shrubs And Perennials – The Design, Installation And Servicing Of Outdoor Lighting System Is All We Do

It is our commitment to excellence in every regard that makes us the premier outdoor lighting company throughout the Carolinas.

It is so rewarding to know that our painstaking dedication to our outdoor lighting and landscape lighting craft has earned us the reputation of being the best in the business here in the Carolinas.

All we do is outdoor lighting - period

Locally owned and operated by long-time resident of the Carolinas, Scott Edge, our passion for outdoor lighting design and functional illumination is the stuff that legends are made of.

This Is How We Do It – We Never Compromise

At an early age, founder Scott Edge was mentored by the most innovative outdoor lighting experts in existence at that time. He has taken that core knowledge and leveraged it into a true art form.

Proudly and comfortably stated, Carolina Landscape Lighting is THE outdoor lighting design and installation company. We treat each design and outdoor lighting installation project with the utmost respect, care, and uniqueness that it deserves.

carolina landscape lighting professional outdoor lighting

One look at our testimonial reviews on HomeAdvisor, powered by the home services expert Angi, confirms that this family-owned and operated outdoor lighting business has enjoyed a successful and much-appreciated 15 years in business.

We don’t – and will never – take our success for granted, being “Highly Rated” for Quality, Value, and Customer Service. With a recommendation score of 100%, we have earned 3 important criteria achievements from HomeAdvisor to date:

  1. HomeAdvisor Top Rated Status
  2. HomeAdvisor Screened & Operated Designation
  3. 1-Year HomeAdvisor Screened and Approved Verification Check

But that’s not all. Further proof and validation of excellence come from Yelp with reviews like this:

“Scott (Edge) and his crew were professional and personable and did a great job installing our outdoor lighting in a timely manner! I love our new lighting and the wireless phone app!” *****

“We recently hired Carolina Landscape Lighting to install some outdoor lights. Scott Edge, the owner, is probably the most professional businessman I’ve dealt with in the Charleston area! He provides complete and fair estimates, schedules installation around your schedule and on time, and stands behind his product and installation. I would definitely recommend this company for all your outdoor lighting!” *****

It Is Our Experience And Passion For Lighting That Helps Us Exceed Your Expectations

Whether you desire a new custom outdoor lighting installation or a system upgrade to low-voltage LED and the supporting technologies, we are the one expert resource you can unequivocally trust throughout the Carolinas.

The Design, Installation And Servicing Of Outdoor Lighting System Is All We Do

Our vast and proven expertise in fixtures, LED lights, installation techniques, and system maintenance gives our customers the absolute highest quality and most stunning lighting systems possible.

Discover How Wonderful A Professional Service Company Can Be

Scott, and his team, would love to meet with you to discuss what’s possible in bringing a new level or beautification, safety, brilliance and enhanced security to your home.

To connect with us, just click here.

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