Illuminating and highlighting the exterior areas of your Carolinas home is critically important and smart.

charlotte front of home outdoor lighting

Important because it surrounds your backyard and outdoor living spaces with low voltage energy-efficient light when we install our state-of-the-art LED lights.

This outdoor light increases nighttime visibility on pathways and walkways and is a beautiful accent to illuminate decks, porches, patios, and outdoor play and pool areas.

Smart because the right outdoor light gives everyone on your property safer passage into, out of, and around your home.

charlotte front exterior outdoor lighting installers

But what about the face of your home – the one that everyone sees first?

Let’s Be Up FRONT About Outdoor Lighting To Set Your Home Apart In Style

Carolina Landscape Lighting knows full well that first impressions are usually the most important ones. They create long-lasting mental images of what your house looks like, where it is, and how to easily find it when guests are visiting at night.

best company to light the front facade of your charlotte home

Lighting up the front of your home “frames” it perfectly, bringing out the often hidden beauty of your home at night. By highlighting curb appeal, and increasing security and safety, illuminating the front façade of your home is well worth the investment – especially when the outdoor lighting system is designed and installed by true professionals, that only focus on outdoor lighting – and nothing else.

Consider the many facets of outdoor lighting on the front of the home –from the way we use lighting in a deliberate way to highlight your home’s custom architectural features, the texture, and color of your brick exterior surround, or the grains of your fiber cement siding.

Also along the front of your home, we will include a strategic design scenario to include your driveway, paths, foundation beds around the home, and exterior décor elements, like fountains and ornamental trees and shrubs.

charlotte front entry home outdoor lighting

There is something magical about the way the front-of-home lighting brings those special touches to breathtaking life with pinpointed illumination.

Back To Front, The Delight Is In The Details

While having outdoor living spaces in your backyard that welcomes more function at night is stunning, the front of the home is the true starting point for many homeowners. It often is synonymous with the sign of Southern hospitality spoken here.

charlotte custom architectural exterior home outdoor lighting

It is the area that others see more readily, you know, the home with fabulous lighting is the one you notice at night as you drive by. The home with professional outdoor lighting is the one where guests are less likely to trip over an obstacle on the way to your front door. A home with outdoor lighting is less likely to be the victim of a break-in because there are no dark spots to enter the home under the veil of night. And today, additional home security via outdoor lighting is a terrific idea.

Buying a new home? Start with outdoor lighting on the front from Carolina Landscape Lighting and gradually illuminate the backyard as time and your budget allows.

Have a home with existing outdoor lighting that is outdated? Start with an upgrade from Carolina Landscape Lighting. In addition to the latest LED bulb technologies, weatherproof and long-lasting outdoor lighting fixtures, and smart home compliant features, the upgrades are often quick and easy for our team to execute. Call us for details.

We Are The Premier Choice For Charlotte Outdoor Lighting

As Charlotte continues to grow by leaps and bounds, discriminating Charlotte homeowners rely on Carolina Landscape Lighting to beautify, protect, and add functionality to their landscapes and outdoor living spaces!

charlotte custom architectural exterior home outdoor lighting

Front-of-home lighting makes Dilworth homes especially attractive, especially with all the tear-down and rebuild renovations taking place there.

The same is true for front-of-home lighting in NoDa as that historic area springs back to life with vintage multi-purpose buildings being transformed into stunning residences.

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Heading towards the Charlotte suburbs and outlying areas, our front exterior lighting designs can be found all over the SouthPark area and the adjacent South End, which is undergoing the biggest neighborhood transformation The Queen City has seen in years.

The same is true for the established neighborhoods like Myers Park, Ballantyne, and Ballantyne East – where front-of-home lighting designs are often spectacular, thanks to our gifted and forward-thinking designers.

Charlotte Front Of Home Landscape Lighting

When it comes to providing exquisite and dependable custom outdoor lighting solutions for the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area, the most trusted name in the business is Carolina Landscape Lighting.

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With more than 2,000 stunning low voltage exterior lighting installations, it is our uncompromising attention to detail – and respectful, attentive customer service – that sets us apart.

At Carolina Landscape Lighting, we focus on design and the use of quality lighting materials, making your home or property more beautiful, safe, and functional than you ever thought possible.

charlotte led custom outdoor lighting for the front of your home

We design, install and maintain both residential and commercial lighting clients. No matter how large or small the project, Carolina Landscape Lighting is committed to providing our customers with clear, bright, innovative, affordable outdoor lighting solutions that exceed your expectations.

It is our experience and passion for lighting the fronts of homes in the Carolinas that helps us exceed your expectations. This expertise in fixtures, LED lights, installation techniques, and system maintenance gives our customers the absolute highest quality, most energy-efficient, and stunning lighting systems possible.

Let’s Discuss How We Can Help You Achieve The Best View On The Front Of Your Home

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