Lake Keowee Residents And Vacation Homes Enjoy The Perfect Outdoor Light At Night Thanks To Our Carolina Landscape Lighting Custom Design Installations

You know it’s truly interesting. When you look up into the evening sky and see the stellar patchwork of nature’s wonderment, how can we possibly compete with the fascinating array of the glimmer and glow of the stars, celestial elements and planets that surround us here in Lake Keowee?

The truth of the matter is, we simply can’t.

lake keowee residential outdoor lighting

But we can do one better by bringing those glints, glimmers and glows down to Earth and blanketing and highlighting your Lake Keowee home exterior, rolling landscape, fragrant gardens and ornamental trees with our exquisite and time-tested low voltage outdoor lighting custom designs.

We proudly excel at this because outdoor lighting and landscape lighting is all we do – and it’s been that way since our beginning years ago.

Professional Lake Keowee Outdoor Lighting Makes Solar Lighting Totally Obsolete

Honestly, solar lighting – even halogen lighting – has become obsolete in terms of lumination efficacy, durability and dependable performance.

This transition to LED lighting is based on a host of proven benefits: efficiency, durability, longevity, and energy cost savings.

lake keowee landscape lighting

The truth of the matter is that our proprietary LED outdoor lamps convert a greater percentage of energy into outdoor lighting when compared to solar halogen or solar lights of the past. This means our  Lake Keowee LED outdoor lighting broadcasts more light using less electricity, making them cost-effective, highly dependable and eco-friendly.

What’s more, our professional Lake Keowee outdoor lighting custom designs and installations generate bright, unobstructed light after dusk automatically, with outstanding color rendering, heightening the visibility and aesthetics of your outdoor facades, landscapes and exterior spaces. By huge contrast, solar lights dim and lose efficacy as their batteries drain, and halogen lights have a much more limited color range.

Lake Keowee Landscape Lighting Custom Installed To Highlight Areas That Are Important To You

It is interesting that a majority of our Lake Keowee landscape lighting clients often ask for these areas to be illuminated by our expert team of landscape lighting experts, under the direction of Carolina Landscape Lighting founder and master designer, Scott Edge, for:

  • Home exteriors to showcase architectural façade highlights, textures, nuances of color and unique ornamentations for curb appeal beautification and enhanced property value
  • Driveways, home entrances, walkways and pathways leading to strategic access points of coastal Lake Keowee homes for safety after the sun has set for the day
  • Lake Keowee landscape lighting for custom accentuation of decorative trees, shrubs and foliage, colorful and fragrant night blooming flowers, and garden sculptural décor
  • The approach towards and exterior foundation surroundings of water fountains, ponds and poolsides, to highlight their splendid craftsmanship and artistry throughout Lake Keowee’s discerning homes

Lake Keowee Residential Outdoor Lighting That You Can Always Depend On

It’s been proven that Lake Keowee homes for residents who live here year-round – as well as vacation, Airbnb, and VRBO vacation homes – are safer and more secure than those in other areas.

It stands to good reason that if your exterior home areas are bathed in the warm, soft glow of our superior Lake Keowee residential outdoor lighting, people who don’t belong there will shy away – so folks with bad intentions, you have been warned.

lake keowee curb appeal lighting

It is our pleasure to provide our Lake Keowee clients with the tremendous benefits of Lake Keowee residential outdoor lighting emphasizing illumination to clearly identify home perimeters and property boundaries. Family security is greatly improved by intentionally discouraging trespassers and enhancing visibility along the edges of the landscape.

Lake Keowee Outdoor Lighting Installers Are The Acclaimed Experts That Shine In Every Conceivable Way

Our Lake Keowee outdoor lighting clients come to us for perfection in every serviceable capacity – and that includes impeccable, thoughtful and precise residential outdoor lighting installation.

With seasoned, extensive hands-on professional training, our Lake Keowee outdoor lighting installers maintain a constant focus on what differentiates our installation team including:

  • The comprehensive technical expertise of our proprietary LED lighting fixtures and lamps, knowing the best ways to install them and service them when the need arises
  • Illumination design and effects creativity, to best showcase the exterior features that are most important to our clients, ensuring that desired aesthetics and nighttime functionality is consistently assured
  • Mindful attention to every detail imaginable, to ensure that each Lake Keowee outdoor lighting installation is perfect – in client communication, homeowner satisfaction, and the spread of the illumination highlights we install
  • Our passion for unparalleled Lake Keowee outdoor lighting is more than our collective mindset and mantra. It’s why we get up each morning looking forward to bettering the lives of our dedicated clients

Lake Keowee Waterfront Outdoor Lighting Designs Beautifying The Gifts Of Our South Carolinian Surroundings

With a location that many people in the United States can only dream about, our Lake Keowee waterfront homes, landscapes, boat access points and gardens glow long into the evening.

lake keowee lake and dock lighting

As magically beautiful as it all is, when the sun is shining brightly here in Lake Keowee bathing our landscape with its Vitamin D rays, professionally illuminated waterfront evenings are something else altogether.

As beautiful and welcoming as our home front lighting designs are, our backyard waterfronts rekindle memorably joyous events that we all enjoy each and every evening.

That impromptu gathering of neighbors.

The unexpected family reunion that came as one of the wonderful surprises of the year.

Not needing much help blowing out birthday candles near the shoreline as Mother Nature easily assisted in the process.

Lake Keowee waterfront outdoor lighting designs bring nighttime magic automatically with our customized technology platform.

Lake Keowee Backyard Outdoor Lighting Extends Evening Visitation Hours For As Long As You Wish

Even though your work week bedtime is fast approaching, RELAX – it’s the weekend!

Savor the fresh air breezes that grace Lake Keowee backyards and enjoy the best of times with family, friends, neighbors and especially your out-of-town family who came to visit.

lake keowee patio lighting

Al fresco spontaneous dinners, fun-filled board games, music dance offs and charades are best enjoyed on your deck, porch, patio or gazebo when everyone can clearly see the action.

Lake Keowee Dock Lighting Casts A Whole New Light On Boating Access And Fun

Lake Keowee dock lighting by the experts at Carolina Landscape Lighting is crucially important for water-side docks and fishing piers.

Our precise and well-executed dock lighting ensures that family and boating guests can safely board and exit boats, rafts and canoes. Here at Lake Keowee where many people visit to vacation, we need to be mindful of our older folks, as well as companions with mobility challenges who need clear visibility outdoors at night.

lake keowee dock lighting

In fact, many maritime regulations and local ordinances require boating docks to be adequately illuminated for safety reasons. Non-compliance with these regulations can lead to fines or legal liabilities.

Here in Lake Keowee, South Carolina’s regulations regarding dock lighting align with federal maritime regulations, such as those outlined by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG).

These USCG regulations focus on ensuring that Lake Keowee docks and structures near navigable waters are adequately illuminated for visibility and navigation purposes.

Now That You’ve Clearly Seen The Light On Why Lake Keowee Evenings Need Carolina Landscape Lighting, Connect With Us

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