With temperatures throughout the Carolinas soaring near record heat, the mere thought of Christmas in July truly comforts the soul. Cool, refreshing breezes, hosting friends and family for holiday merriment in a few months, and spectacular holiday lighting displays at virtually every turn.

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When It Comes To Holiday Lighting, What Does Christmas In July Mean?

The idea behind Christmas in July sales is to provide an ideal opportunity for homeowners, businesses, commercial enterprises, hospitality venues and homeowner associations to avoid the last-minute rush and plan now to have the most spectacular holiday illumination displays scheduled to be installed before Santa leaves the North Pole.

Carolina Landscape Lighting specializes in the most professional high-quality holiday lighting designs and décor anywhere. Our holiday lighting displays are well-known for their elegance, classic style, and magically endearing charm.

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Sleepy landscapes suddenly awakened with sophisticated lighting to celebrate the long-awaited season to share joy with neighbors, passersby, family, and friends? You betcha.

Avoid disappointment by waiting until autumn rears its head to schedule your holiday lighting design. Book your consultation now to ensure that you get the look, feel, and luminary equipment necessary to make it all happen – without any disappointing delays

Exactly What Are The Benefits Of Lighting Up The Outdoors, Rooftops And Landscapes With Holiday Lighting?

Displaying holiday lighting for homes, commercial buildings, hospitality venues, and homeowner associations is a wonderful way to ring in the coming season of joy for many reasons.

It Creates A Festive Atmosphere. Our professional holiday lighting creates a joyful and celebratory ambiance, enhancing the overall mood and spirit of the season. It helps to create a sense of community and brings people together, fostering a warm and welcoming environment. And boy oh boy, we all could sure use that!

Enhanced Visual Appeal. Well-designed holiday lighting displays from Carolina Landscape Lighting are visually stunning and captivating. They add beauty and elegance to buildings and landscapes, attracting attention and creating a memorable impression. This can be particularly beneficial for commercial buildings and hospitality venues, as it can increase customer traffic and create a positive image.

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Increased Visibility. Our professional holiday lighting enhances visibility during the darker winter months. It makes homes, businesses, and venues more noticeable, which can be advantageous for commercial establishments looking to attract customers. Well-lit buildings also provide a sense of safety and security for residents, guests, and patrons. It’s smart business and good business.

Marketing And Promotion. For businesses and commercial enterprises, holiday lighting can serve as a marketing and promotional tool. Unique and eye-catching displays will surely generate buzz, attract media attention, and create positive brand associations. It can also serve as a way to communicate special offers, discounts, or events happening during the holiday season.

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Community Engagement. Homeowner associations and neighborhoods often organize holiday lighting competitions or events, encouraging residents to participate and decorate their homes. This year, make it a sure win for your family with Carolina Landscape Lighting. This tradition fosters a sense of community spirit, encourages neighborly interaction, and can be a fun and engaging activity for families.

Tradition And Nostalgia. Strategically designed and well-executed professional holiday lighting is deeply rooted in tradition and often evokes feelings of nostalgia and warmth. It can evoke cherished memories and create a sense of continuity and familiarity, enhancing the holiday experience for individuals of all ages.

Positive Public Relations. For commercial buildings, displaying dazzling and enchanting holiday lighting can contribute to positive public relations. It demonstrates a commitment to community involvement and can enhance a company’s reputation as being festive, caring, and supportive of the local community.

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Tourism And Destination Appeal. In hospitality venues and tourist destinations throughout the Carolinas, holiday lighting can significantly enhance the visitor and guest experience. It makes the location more attractive and appealing, attracting tourists and contributing to the local economy.

No matter how you look at it, holiday lighting brings joy, beauty, and a sense of unity to homes, commercial buildings, hospitality venues, and homeowner associations. It creates a positive atmosphere, promotes community engagement, and offers various marketing and promotional benefits.

The Best Way To Lift Spirits And Boost Morale Is By Shining The Joy Of The Holidays Through The Epiphany

As Auntie Mame famously said, “We need a little Christmas now,” so “Turn on the brightest string of light I’ve ever seen” with the holiday lighting specialists at Carolina Landscape Lighting.

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As the holiday season can be challenging for those who deal with the public in sales and service, surrounding your team with the splendid glow of holiday lighting is a terrific and sincere way to help keep spirits light, imbued with friendship, hospitality, care and compassion.

The Best Of Both Worlds Is Now Available With The Illumination Pros At Carolina Landscape Lighting

While we’re at it, we can design your holiday lighting and year-round outdoor lighting at the same time! In fact, we can install both at the same time and integrate them so they work in perfect harmony whenever you want. Based on your exterior points of architectural interest, preference for style, and nighttime visibility concerns, we can do it all at the same time. How’s that for efficiency?

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To Know Us Is To Love Us

Carolina Landscape Lighting is the Carolinas largest and longest-running holiday lighting company. Our clients range from large hospital campuses to the smallest arched doorway in your home. No project is too difficult for us to give that special holiday magic.

We proudly offer a turn-key service for all commercial and residential holiday design. Here is how it works:

Design: We help you create different design options that best suit your office/home, budget and personal style preferences.

Installation: We complete the entire installation process for you with our trained technicians.

Service: During the holiday season, we respond quickly to all of your service requests. Normal turnaround for service is less than 24 hours.

Removal: We carefully remove all your holiday materials and make notations as to the exact locations for placement in the following years.

Storage: We store your materials for free in our holiday storage facility.

Maintenance: We quality check materials in the off-season to ensure peak performance during the season.

Warranty: We guarantee all materials for at least 3 years.

Pricing: We offer very competitive pricing. Pricing is based on the size of your project.

Call Or Click, And Let’s Get The Festivities Started

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