Just like your car, outdoor lighting and landscape lighting systems do require regular routine maintenance, at least once a year. This regularly performed maintenance will help prevent costly repairs in the future, ensure optimum illumination and timing performance, and keep your system looking its best.

Can I Do A Complete Overhaul of My Outdoor Lighting System

Why Do Outdoor Lights Need Maintenance?

All outdoor lighting and landscape lighting systems experience some lessening of performance during operation and therefore require ongoing maintenance. As the nighttime light broadcast by your outdoor lighting system decreases, wattage stays the same, and that can result in wasted energy.

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Carolina Landscape Lighting recommends that you should have your entire outdoor lighting system and landscape lighting system checked by a professional at least twice a year to ensure each light and all of the wiring are functioning as intended. If you fail to perform adequate maintenance, your timers may fall out of sync or bulbs may burn out faster.

What Can Cause A Landscape Lighting Wire Malfunction?

Most likely, a mishap or unintended accident can be the culprit. For example, squirrels burrowing through your landscape can expose and damage an underground wire. The same is true for neighborhood pets who dig up turf when detecting the scents of other animals. Inadvertently, they may wind up exposing and damaging outdoor lighting system wires.

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Lest we forget, lawn mowing service providers and landscapers we use may unknowingly do damage while performing their routine tasks around your exterior property.

How Do You Maintain Outdoor Lights?

As they say in many of life’s situations, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to the technology and infrastructure of outdoor lighting systems, the same is true.

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Landscape lighting maintenance is relatively easy when you know what to do and what to look for. Here are some important tips to ensure peak landscape lighting performance:

  1. Check for burned-out bulbs. If the illumination coming from your system seems less than what it should be, your first course of action is to determine if any bulbs are burned out. If they are, have them replaced.
  2. Check for outdoor light fixture damage. Should you discover a broken lens, corrosion, or dents in the outdoor light fixture, you should remedy those situations by having those items replaced.
  3. Check to see if the outer bulb lens is clean. Dirt and debris can easily accumulate over time. If soiled, grime can easily be removed with a soft cloth and some soapy water made from liquid dish detergent.
  4. Check your landscape for excessive growth. Especially here in the South with many homes having irrigation, plants and shrubs can grow aggressively. Be sure to trim any vegetation that is on the outdoor light fixture or blocking the showcasing of light.
  5. Check for debris buildup. As ants and other insects often favor the warmth emitting from landscape lighting bulbs, be sure that their nests and mud build-up stay clear of your lights. Accordingly, be sure that pine needles or mulch and fallen leaves don’t interfere with the broadcast of light.

Why Is Maintenance Of Outdoor Lighting Important?

When it comes to taking good care of your landscape lighting system, what you put into it rewards you with what you get out of it.

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A well-running outdoor lighting system beautifies your home and adds tremendous curb appeal, but more importantly, it is a dependable source of safety and security. With the right automatic lighting timing device having your system operate daily at the same on and off sequence, folks with bad intentions will have no idea if you are at home or not. And decades of research prove that burglars love to hide in dark and scary places around your home, so don’t give them that opportunity to do so.

Maintaining Your Landscape Lighting System Is An Important Part Of What We Do At Carolina Landscape Lighting

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It is our experience and passion for lighting that helps us exceed your expectations. This expertise in fixtures, LED lights, installation techniques, and system maintenance gives our customers the absolute highest quality and most stunning lighting systems possible.

How Important Is Maintenance Of Your Outdoor Lighting And Landscape Lighting System

Our approach is to be hands-on and maintain one-to-one contact with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

Our commitment to these core principles of landscape lighting and client satisfaction also creates our best source of new business, which is you, the client.

Maintaining Your Landscape Lighting System Is An Important Part Of What We Do At Carolina Landscape Lighting

When you hire Carolina Landscape Lighting you can feel certain that you have selected trained professionals who know what they are doing, are passionate about their work and are sensitive to your budget.

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