These days, it seems that virtually every day or every month is dedicated to some sort of national commemoration or celebration – and August is no different.

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In case you didn’t know, August is National Curb Appeal Month.

In the spirit of joining in on the celebration, Carolina Landscape Lighting has some brilliant ideas on how to turn your home front façade and surrounding landscape into a masterpiece of stunning energy-efficient  illumination.

Why Curb Appeal Is So Very Important

For one thing, if you want to enhance your home’s beauty for your long-term enjoyment or boost the value of your home to put it on the market, it’s important to keep curb appeal top of mind.

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Why? Because first impressions count. Indeed, curb appeal accounts for up to 7% of home value, according to research conducted at the University of Texas at Arlington. It’s also the first thing people see when they visit your home, whether they are prospective home buyers or friends and family. During National Curb Appeal Month this August, let this checklist be your guide to beautifying your home’s exterior with eco-friendly low voltage outdoor landscape lighting.

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Up Lighting: A perfect way to highlight and enhance the colors and textures of your home exterior, Carolina Landscape Lighting can plan a design scheme for the front of your home that will truly showcase it in the best light possible. Up lighting is a beautiful accessory for your home, making it feel more personalized and finished. Once the up lights turn on each evening as dusk melts into the sky, they will give your home a warm, inviting, and welcoming atmosphere. Our expert curb appeal lighting designers will guide you through the selection process of what lights to use, where to have them installed, and layering them the right way to help you create an outdoor glow that brings your house and landscaping to life.

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Moonlighting: As if shining down from the heavens above, beautifully soft beams of curb appeal illumination can highlight your landscape, shrubs, and special outdoor decor features. Moonlighting curb appeal design involves soft Earth-friendly lights strategically placed in very high places surrounding your home façade landscape – like in trees or architectural structures. Just like how the moon shines down on your property each evening, you can enjoy this moonlighting technique for expanded curb appeal beauty, safety, and security. It’s a beautiful way to greet the night in a tasteful and elegant way.

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Pathway Lighting: Our pathway lighting solutions are actually a win-win. First, they will provide enhanced safety and security outside the entry perimeter of your home. Once installed, our gorgeous path lights will serve as gentle beacons of illumination to visibly assist you and visitors to your home upon entering and exiting after dark. Secondarily, the energy-efficient gentle glow of warm light will outline the perimeter of your property to beautifully define it. Practical, purposeful, and intelligent, our pathway lighting can truly make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

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Ornamental Accent Lighting: If you have gone through the process of making the front of your home unique by adding original sculpture, ornamental trees and shrubs, or custom water features, don’t allow them to fade into darkness after sunset. Highlight them, and show them off to their full potential with our targeted landscape lighting solutions deliberately placed to bring your curb appeal to a whole new level.

How Can I Carry The Spirit Of My Front Curb Appeal To My Backyard Outdoor Living Spaces?

That’s a very good question, and as you have probably guessed, we have ideas on how you can accomplish that, too. Task lighting for outdoor living spaces is critically important to enjoying certain functions that occur after dark, like grilling. Gone are the days when you use a flashlight to see if the New York Strip steaks are done to the preferred temperature. With strategically placed outdoor task lighting you’ll never be frustrated by not being able to clearly see what you’re doing at night.

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Another backyard favorite illumination solution of ours is festive bistro string lighting. It is uncanny how such a simple string of suspended glimmering lights softly swaying in the evening breeze creates such a joyous mood. It is entertainment itself. Add ambient music, and you have a party in an instant.

What Other Enhancements Should I Consider Making To The Front Of My Home For Additional Curb Appeal?

Since August is also the time when temperatures in the Carolinas become a little bit more temperate, it is also a great time to think about enhancing your front landscape and gardens with colorful flowers, shrubs, ornamental accents, and water features. Renewing your planter beds just before autumn arrives is a surefire way to add depth, texture, and drama to your curb appeal.

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Architecturally, you may want to think about enhancing your curb appeal by updating your house numbers if they have seen better days. Consider adding outdoor art to bring a touch of whimsy, choosing pieces that complement your home’s natural palette and exterior elements. And with lighting being a strategic part of your curb appeal update, you may want to highlight your home by repainting your front door and adding a fall wreath. Just a thought.

Complimentary Curb Appeal Enhancement Thinking Is Yours  For The Asking

It would be our pleasure to meet with you and plan a curb appeal design scenario that you can enjoy for years to come.

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To schedule that meeting, you can easily connect with us right here, or we invite you to call us when convenient. We look forward to hearing from you!

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