When it comes to enhancing your home with improvements that simplify your life, beautify your surroundings, and add greater functionality and usability to your outdoor spaces, the truth of the matter is you just can’t beat the addition of outdoor lighting.

Charleston outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting Is An Investment In Enhancing Your Curb Appeal And Sense Of Security

As you drive through neighborhoods in the Carolinas at night, both coastal locations and inner cities, do you ever get the feeling that back home your residence and landscape is lost in the dark?

charleston outdoor lighting

Does your home façade melt into darkness after dusk settles in? Does your landscape and garden – which you continually improve – get lost into the evening? And are you inviting the visitation of possible intruders by keeping those cloistered corners around your home in total darkness?

If you’re thinking “Yes, you’re right,” we have three words for you – Carolina Landscape Lighting.

The Home Improvement Investment That Bathes Your Home In Illumination Splendor

Once we visit your home – in person or virtually – and have you share how you think we can help add value to your residence’s exterior appeal and attraction, that’s where your complimentary design consultation becomes interesting – and fun.

charleston outdoor lighting

We’ll talk about how strengthening your curb appeal at night will make your home an instant showcase when potential buyers view should you ever list it for sale.

charleston landscape lighting

And we will illustrate how lighting your front and rear pathways and walkways is an investment in safety and security, the likes of which you most likely have never experienced without professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting. No matter how you look at it, it’s more than just a bright idea. It’s an investment that will stand the test of time.

Is Outdoor Lighting A Good Investment?

Yes, outdoor lighting is an excellent investment as it pays back in many ways.

Is Outdoor Lighting A Good Investment

Financial ROI Is Significant: It stands to reason that when you invest in your home, you should take care to make design choices that don’t just please you now but also offer a high rate of return. A study conducted 2 years ago shows that outdoor landscape lighting can make a home 30% more valuable. 30% — just for lighting it to look better, be safer, and add greater functionality and access after sunset. That’s a great deal.

What Kind Of Return On Investment Will My Outdoor Lighting Recoup Should I Ever Sell My Home?

In the Carolinas, people live here and relocate here for a better quality of life. And that includes aesthetics.

What Kind Of Return On Investment Will My Outdoor Lighting Recoup Should I Ever Sell My Home

When adding illumination to surround your home, your best bet is to invest in a quality product built for function while still maintaining a sense of style. This way, as lighting technology evolves in the future, replacements can be made after a number of years at a lower cost instead of making a large investment that loses its appeal of being the “next big thing” after only a few short years.

As for potential ROI, the rule of thumb is “Better in yields better out,” meaning for Carolina homeowners who are willing to spend more for a detailed and technically smart lighting project, it’s like money in the bank.

Is Outdoor Lighting A Good Investment

By hiring the professionals at Carolina Landscape Lighting, we will custom-create a lighting plan built around your home’s unique features and landscaping design. Implementing our professional illumination plan will be more expensive than shopping for DIY big box store fixtures, cables, and transformers, but the difference will pay huge dividends in the long term.

And as you most likely are not a professional installer and not familiar with the ins and outs of smart home technology techniques, you may wind up spending even more money on hiring professionals later to correct the missteps that may have taken place on your well-intended behalf.

Which Areas Are Best To Light At My Charleston Property?

Not to be facetious, but the real answer is virtually everything.

Starting with your front exterior façade, you want your home to glow to allow easier location identification for out-of-town family and guests to find it after a long day’s journey.

charleston outdoor lighting

Likewise, make sure that your driveway has more than the garage coach lights turned on. A succession of our LED path lights will ensure greater mobility and safer entrance into your home as they leave their vehicles. And don’t neglect to light exterior walls and architectural features to make your Charleston residence shine above the others, making a lasting impression.

As outdoor living and recreation is a key part of our Charleston culture, pay special attention to carefully lighting backyards, play areas for the children, docks and water access points, and pool areas.

charlotte pool surroun landcape lighting

Outdoor lighting is where beauty, safety, accessibility, and security work hand in hand, like a well-oiled machine.

Lighting Up Charleston Is Just The Beginning

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