As you prepare for fall and winter holidays, this is an excellent time to add or upgrade professional outdoor lighting at your home. Whether you are in Charleston or Columbia, Charlotte or Asheville, don’t wait until after Christmas to enhance the look of your home’s exterior at night.

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Are you hosting a Thanksgiving meal at your home and/or planning to entertain over the holidays? Now is the time to make your home more welcoming after dark. Show your guests you want everything to look special for them, and do it for yourself, too! Classic outdoor lighting can extend from the mailbox to the front door, and all the areas in-between. Well-designed illumination will provide ambiance, increase safety (especially in slick or wet, wintery conditions), add security and an extended feeling of welcome as guests arrive.

From Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years, you spend money, time and energy getting decorations just right, indoors and out. Why not take your home’s exterior to the next level at night with professional outdoor lighting designed and installed by Carolina Landscape Lighting. We do it all – driveway and path lighting, landscape lighting, architectural lighting, and yes, mailbox lighting and home entrance lighting. Adding professionally-designed outdoor lighting now is a winning idea for several reasons …

Enhance the Beauty of Your Outdoor Holiday Lighting

Christmas lights are fun and create holiday cheer outdoors, but the improvement you see when we add professional landscape lighting will amaze you. Our low-voltage landscape lighting enhances the holiday decor or lighting you already have in place, or have planned. Illuminating your home’s entrance, your special trees and shrubs and your home’s architecture adds another dimension to your holiday display. The simple, stunning beauty of a wreath illuminated by a well-placed spotlight will eclipse the beauty of that same wreath under a standard porch light.

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Make Your Driveway and Walkways Welcoming and Safer for Your Guests at Night

Whether your driveway is winding or straight, landscape lighting can illuminate the area so drivers pulling in can see exactly where to go. Path lighting makes walkways safer for guests as they walk from the driveway to your home’s front entrance. Your guests will thank you for making walkways and steps easier to navigate. An added bonus: we install path lighting that lends depth to your landscape. You can appreciate professional path lighting for the sheer beauty it brings to the scene, not just for safety.

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Your Landscape Doesn’t Need to Fade When Holiday Lights Come Down

When you take your Christmas lights down, your landscape goes dark. Do your holiday lights consist of strands of bulbs along the roofline, decorated trees or wreaths on doors and windows? Whether your holiday lighting display is elegant or playful, don’t let your home fade back into the shadows as the holiday celebrations end. If your landscape and your home’s architecture are tastefully illuminated with professionally-designed lighting, you won’t miss the holiday lights. Having year-round outdoor lighting in place can eliminate that after-the-holiday slump you might ordinarily feel in January and February. With beautiful landscape lighting year-round, you’ll look forward to returning home after dark on winter evenings.

Make the Most of Warm Evenings on your Deck or Patio

Landscape lighting allows many of our clients to use their outdoor living spaces after sunset. We’ve all experienced those mild winter nights here in the Carolinas. From Charlotte to Columbia – and especially Charleston and Mount Pleasant – the right outdoor lighting will enhance your evenings on the deck or patio after dark. Don’t let darkness drive you indoors when the outside temperature is pleasant. Just because it’s getting dark earlier doesn’t mean you have to give up your time outdoors.

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Illuminating your outdoor living space adds ambiance and increases your safety outdoors. Do you have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace? These are prime outdoor destinations, and with professional outdoor lighting, your enjoyment doesn’t need to end. This can be true during the holidays and on into those long winter months. Enjoy backyard tailgating, Christmas get-togethers, and roasting s’mores by the fire pit this winter. Well-designed outdoor illumination will enable you to enjoy those moments longer.

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Enjoy looking Out at Your Yard from Inside on Cold, Dark Evenings

Everyone knows that residential outdoor lighting creates nighttime curb appeal for those arriving or passing by your home. But what about the view from inside your home? With professional outdoor lighting your entire property can become a beautiful vignette seen from indoors. Carolina Landscape Lighting uses techniques like uplighting and downlighting, along with several different types of low-voltage light fixtures, to illuminate your favorite trees, shrubs and blooms. For the first time, your yard will have depth and beauty that will make you want to look out through your windows after dark.

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If you’d like to learn more about year-round residential outdoor lighting in Charleston, Charlotte, Columbia, Mt. Pleasant, or Asheville, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make your outdoor lighting vision a reality!