With such a beautiful property, you want to find a Charleston outdoor lighting company near you that can illuminate your home and landscape to the highest quality standard. With several options in the area, it can be hard to know who to choose. How do you find the best outdoor lighting for your home and landscape?

1.) Work with an established outdoor lighting company in Charleston.

Not all outdoor lighting companies are created equal. Some companies offer a suite of services, including outdoor lighting along with other offerings, such as landscaping and sprinkler services.  Unfortunately, these companies likely only dabble in outdoor lighting and are not outdoor lighting experts. To find the best outdoor lighting in Charleston, it’s critical to work with an established company with a proven track record for exceptional installations.  By strategically placing high-quality fixtures around your property, an outdoor lighting expert can accentuate the best features of your Charleston home and landscape to achieve your desired effect.

2.) Use low voltage landscape lighting for an energy-efficient, elegant nighttime effect.

When you think of LED lighting from years ago, you may have a vision of harsh, blue hues.  Fortunately, low-voltage outdoor lighting technology has made leaps and bounds over the years. Today’s LED lighting is warm and gentle, creating a relaxing and beautiful ambiance into the evening hours. Not only does LED lighting save energy and money, but it’s also stunning when expertly installed by a trusted outdoor lighting installer.

3.) Be involved in the outdoor lighting process.

When it comes to Charleston outdoor lighting, we recommend choosing a company that takes the time to understand your outdoor lighting goals and involve you in the process. After all, you likely have specific ideas in mind and want your sense of style to shine through.  Whether your installing architectural lighting, landscape lighting, garden lighting, tree lighting, deck and patio lighting, pool lighting, or more, you should be a part of the process from concept to design to installation to make your nighttime vision a reality.

If you’d like to learn more about what Charleston outdoor lighting can do for your home and landscape, call Carolina Landscape Lighting at (843) 817-9797 to schedule your complimentary outdoor lighting consultation.