Charleston outdoor lighting lets you enjoy barbecues, campfires, and other get-togethers with family and friends at night.

You value your time with family and friends, and you love to host outdoor gatherings at your Charleston home. But, as summer winds down, the days start to get shorter. To make the most of outdoor celebrations in the fall and winter, it makes sense to extend outdoor entertaining into the nighttime hours.

Thanks to Charleston outdoor lighting, you can make the most of outdoor gatherings with family and friends at night. We offer an extensive selection of high-quality outdoor lighting fixtures, and we’ll work with you closely to achieve your outdoor lighting goals. From concept to design to installation, we want you to be part of the process so that we can create the aesthetic you desire and reflect your unique sense of style.

Select the Right Charleston Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Your Home

Charleston outdoor lighting solutions can help you create a sophisticated outdoor space where family and friends can spend quality time together. These solutions include:

1. Charleston Decorative Lighting

Decorative lights are wonderful options for Charleston homeowners who want to set the mood for an unforgettable outdoor gathering. Rope lights, string lights, and other decorative lighting solutions make it easy to create the ideal atmosphere for anything from a romantic evening or a backyard barbecue. They also can be set up along your driveway or walkway to help you welcome visitors to your outdoor get-togethers.

2. Charleston Landscape Lighting

Landscape lights help you showcase the beauty of your lawn, garden, and exterior features during the evening hours. They can accentuate your house’s architecture, along with stairs, benches, and railings. You can also install well lights and spotlights around flowers, trees, and shrubs to further enhance your residence’s visual appeal.

3. Charleston Path Lighting

Path lights gently illuminate walkways around your Charleston home. At the same time, they complement the look and feel of your residence. Our path lighting comes in a variety of sizes and designs, and we can help you select the fixtures that deliver the right combination of style and function.

Partner with a Leading Charleston Outdoor Lighting Provider

At Carolina Landscape Lighting, we want you to enjoy as much time as you can outdoors with family and friends. We supply a broad range of premium outdoor lighting products and services, along with design, installation, and maintenance. We also back our products and services with an industry-leading warranty, so your outdoor lighting system is protected for as long as you use it.

Want outdoor lighting for your Charleston residence? To learn more about our outdoor lighting solutions or to schedule a free consultation, please call us today at 843-817-9797 or email We look forward to hearing from you.