Mount Pleasant outdoor lighting can transform an ordinary outdoor space into a one-of-a-kind entertainment area.

Family and friends enjoy spending time at your Mount Pleasant property. You frequently host birthday parties, barbecues, and other outdoor celebrations at your property, and you do your part to make each event entertaining and memorable. With Mount Pleasant outdoor lighting, you can take your outdoor space to the next level and ensure that family and friends can enjoy celebrations that begin during the day and extend deep into the night.

Mount Pleasant outdoor lighting can be strategically placed around your property, bringing your landscape to life at night.  As soon as the sun dips below the horizon, a soft glow will set over your property, gently illuminating your home, landscape, and the outdoor living spaces that you desire.  Additionally, outdoor lighting can be customized to your property, upgrading your property’s curb appeal and security.

Carolina Landscape Lighting: The Premier Provider of Outdoor Lighting in Mount Pleasant

At Carolina Landscape Lighting, we take the guesswork out of outdoor lighting. Our extensive selection outdoor lighting fixtures and LED lights are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. We install outdoor lighting according to your specifications and integrate uplighting, downlighting, and other lighting techniques to help you set the mood for your outdoor spaces. The end result: you can enjoy top-notch outdoor lighting that enhances your property’s appearance and allows you to host nighttime events any time you choose.

Get Premium Outdoor Lighting for Your Mount Pleasant Property

The team at Carolina Landscape Lighting consists of outdoor lighting experts who possess more than a decade of industry experience. Our professionals work diligently to install outdoor lighting that illuminates your property without breaking your budget. We also prioritize complete satisfaction, and we meet with you to ensure you are happy with the results of your outdoor lighting installation.

Want to get outdoor lighting for your Mount Pleasant property? To learn more about our outdoor lighting solutions or to schedule a free consultation, please call us today at 843-817-9797 or email We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to elegantly illuminate the outdoor spaces across your Mount Pleasant property.