You love spending as much time outdoors as possible with friends and family, and you’ve got the perfect property to do so.  With a deck that pours out onto a beautiful patio, a pool, and a fire pit, it’s no wonder people get excited when you invite them around.

Now that we’re at the height of the summer season in Charleston, it can be more pleasant spending time outdoors during the evening hours. By installing custom outdoor lighting, you can enjoy everything your backyard has to offer at night and linger as long as you like.

Charleston Outdoor Lighting Makes Your Outdoor Spaces Livable at Night

Carolina Landscape Lighting is a professional outdoor lighting company serving Charleston and surrounding areas. Our lighting experts work closely with you to determine your outdoor lighting goals so that we can bring your backyard to life at night. By illuminating your outdoor living spaces with custom illumination, we transform your property into the nighttime hours.

Charleston Deck Lighting

With Charleston outdoor lighting, you can highlight the architecture of your deck while creating a beautiful ambiance for everyone to enjoy. Family and guests will be able to move around safely with sure-footing and be able to see who they’re talking to during nighttime conversations. If you like to take on the grill-master duties while entertaining, we can also install task lighting, making food preparation a breeze.

Charleston Patio Lighting

By strategically placing our high-quality lighting fixtures around your patio, we create an even wash of light that creates a lovely aesthetic and allows everyone to move around safely.  Whether your entertaining friends or relaxing with your immediate family, you can extend time outdoors with the people that you care about while relishing in your natural surroundings at night.

Charleston Pool Lighting

Designer pool lighting makes your outdoor space more beautiful and safer at night.  You can enhance the beauty of the pool and surrounding landscaping, such as trees and shrubs, extending the footprint of the space.  Our custom illumination allows you to relax poolside at night and swim after the intense heat of a summer day has disappeared. It also sets you up for nighttime pool parties and fun!

To find out more about Charleston outdoor lighting from Carolina Landscape Lighting, call us today at 843-817-9797 or email to schedule your complimentary consultation and demonstration.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you transform your outdoor spaces at night!