Evenings In Lake Hartwell Are Made For Outdoor Lighting By Carolina Landscape Lighting

It comes as no surprise to us that our Lake Hartwell outdoor lighting clients tell us that their evenings spent outdoors in their backyards near the shoreline are their very favorite part of the day. And no wonder, with our stunning highlighting of their property façade, landscape, gardens, docks and outdoor living spaces, they are all a joy to behold.

lake hartwell outdoor lighting

Lake Hartwell Outdoor Lighting Has A Mind Of Its Own

One of the frequent comments we hear from our Lake Hartwell homeowner clients is that they love our “Set it and Forget it” outdoor lighting protocol. With it, they never have to remember to activate their Lake Hartwell outdoor lighting system. Furthermore, thanks to our highly advanced illumination technology capabilities, timings and brightness can be changed by homeowners at a moment’s notice, if they so desire – even when they are away from home. And when the need may arise for outdoor lighting system maintenance, we are just a click away.

Lake Hartwell Landscape Lighting Adds Romance And Beauty To Each And Every Night

There is something exceptionally beautiful and memorable about how Lake Hartwell landscape lighting by Carolina Landscape Lighting brings new dimensions, colors and textures to life nightly.

lake hartwell outdoor lighting

It is so very interesting how our custom LED landscape lighting affects many of Mother Nature’s coastal area gifts. The Southern Magnolias, cherished throughout Lake Hartwell landscapes for their glossy leaves and snowy white flowers, take on new dimension, visual interest and textures with our custom highlighting beams of energy-efficient landscape light. The same is also true for the prevalence of Dogwoods, White Oaks, Red Cedar and Sweetgum trees that grace both front exteriors and backyard landscape spaces.

lake hartwell outdoor lighting

As for Lake Hartwell foliage, our area’s native glasses, wildflowers and azaleas each shine in their individual glories bathed with just the right amount of luminescence.

Lake Hartwell Residential Outdoor Lighting Beautifies, Illuminates, Secures And Protects

The peace of mind that Carolina Landscape Lighting delivers to its residential clients here in Lake Hartwell are exponentially significant.

As you would expect, the absolutely finest, targeted, evening illuminations are assured. Our Lake Hartwell clients get much more than just our highest quality proprietary outdoor lighting fixtures and LED lamps.

They get the most thoughtful and exceptional custom outdoor lighting design plan, as well. Our seasoned Lake Hartwell residential outdoor lighting designers know well the effects of custom illumination and how it can best be optimized for every area of your home façade, exterior spaces, landscape, gardens, and outdoor living spaces.

Exceptional Lake Hartwell Waterfront Outdoor Lighting Designs For Every Part Of Your Property Imaginable

Beautifully Heightened Curb Appeal Lighting: Our custom Lake Hartwell illumination designs will automatically cast the glorious glow of eco-friendly and energy efficient illumination as the sun settles in every night. Beams of soft outdoor lighting will surround your waterfront home with curb appeal in ways that will delight and amaze you – and your neighbors.

Intentionally Focused Architectural Lighting: It hard to think of a better way to showcase those architectural highlights, nuances and ornamentations that make your home uniquely yours. Our outdoor lighting design team know how to best illuminate those physical architectural elements and attributes that make your home the special place it is.

Suspended Festive String Bistro Lighting: It’s easy to achieve Heaven on Earth with our custom designed suspended festive bistro outdoor lighting bulbs. Lines of glistening, glimmering, and twinkling lights dance among our Lake Hartwell breezes in backyards, over patios and decks, and above docks and piers.

Locally Handcrafted Grapevine Ball Lighting: If this is news to you, we are happy to report that the latest craze in custom outdoor lighting is our Grapevine outdoor lighting fixtures. Truly handcrafted here in South Carolina, these spherical globes of nature’s handiwork are intertwined with the finest miniature lamps anywhere. It’s a romantic and magical illumination source you must surely ask about during your Lake Hartwell custom design consultation. You can schedule it right now by calling us at 864-214-4555.

Grapevine Ball Outdoor Lighting

Exquisite Landscape Lighting: To reveal previously hidden textures and colors seldom seen by day throughout your Lake Hartwell landscape, trees and gardens, our landscape lighting professionals know how to showcase your greenery, shrubs and flora in the best possible light. Aways sublimely delicate and understated, our landscape lighting is never harsh on the senses.

Deck, Patio and Lanai Outdoor Lighting: With our glorious Lake Hartwell weather at virtually all times of the year, our clients especially love how they have transitioned their leisure hours from the great room interior sofa to collections of wicker and overstuffed weather-resistant outdoor furniture seating on their decks, and patios. The perfect environment surrounded by the perfect light.


Dock Lighting and Lake Pier Illumination: Ahoy Mateys! We want you to have the most fun possible when boating, fishing and swimming in our lake waters, so we are here to install and maintain durable and highly dependable dock lighting and lake pier illuminations. Especially at the water’s edge, safety is job one – immediately followed by fun and good times.

lake hartwell dock lighting

Pathway, Walkway and Outdoor Stairway Lighting: Our Lake Hartwell outdoor lighting installers have families and visitors well covered with our expert Lake Hartwell backyard outdoor lighting. To ensure that all outdoor spaces and outdoor areas are well illuminated into the evening, our custom pathway lighting, walkway lighting and illumination for deck and patio stairs cannot be equaled anywhere here in Lake Hartwell. Our extensive number of years of exterior lighting expertise guarantees it.

It Would Be Our Pleasure To Add You To Our Outdoor Lighting Client Family

No professional landscape lighting installation, upgrade or low voltage lighting system extension is too small – or too vast – for Carolina Landscape Lighting. Our expert team has lit it all.

Call us for a complimentary design consultation at 864-214-4555, or click this link to connect with our team.

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