Landscape Enhancements And Outdoor Living Upgrades Are Only Half Done Until We Install Outdoor Lighting

You’ve waited long enough. Spring fever is just about here. And your mind is feverishly racing about improving your great outdoors. Your plan to add to your curb appeal landscape with new trees and shrubs [...]

Astronomical Timers From Carolina Landscape Lighting Deliver Perfect Control For Your Outdoor Lighting

Ah, the joys of Spring will finally make its grand appearance for 2023 on March 20, and in concert with this seasonal event is the long-awaited arrival of Daylight Saving Time once again on March [...]

“I Don’t Like The Blue Look Of LED’s In My Landscape Lighting, What Can I Do About It?”

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it so many times we’ve lost count. If your landscape lighting is as blue as a beautiful sky, we definitely need to talk. Don’t Be Blue Over Your [...]

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